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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Alter Ego Biker Chick

I have a confession to make...I am so in love with the indies I have been buying, that I don't want to fork out the $8-$10 to try out a new one. What if it isn't as good as the others?  For example, can it stand up to THIS?  Check out Alter Ego's Biker Chick!!!
Biker Chick is layered over Zoya Dove, because it is a little too sheer in my opinion to be put on it's own.  I put two coats of Biker Chick over Zoya Dove, but really it only needed one.  
Biker Chick is a shimmery silver polish with tiny holographic particles in it and some silver bar glitter and silver hex glitters.  There are also some fantastic black diamonds!
I thought that this polish was the perfect opportunity to use a matte top coat as well as a glossy coat.  I would think that a biker chick would want a matte top coat and it was my favorite of the two looks!
My only concern with Biker Chick was that the black diamonds did not come out on their own. I had to fish for each one to put on my nails. I have since talked to Cynthia, the maker of Alter Ego, and she is looking into fixing that issue.  This is a definite must have for me!  I love black and grey and I love the matte look! I love just about everything about this nail polish!  I did think that this is what an Urban Camouflage should look like, since urban cammies are black, grey, and white that would have been a great alternative name!  By the way, this polish wore like iron and I had almost NO tip wear after four days!  AMAZING.
To buy from the lovely Cynthia at Alter Ego, HERE.
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Marnie said...

That looks AWESOME Michelle!! I think I need to add Dove to my wishlist..

illustratedlady said...

Dove is a great go-to polish when you need a light grey!

Stephanie said...

I love how this looks on you