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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Embarrassingly Large Haul Post!

I have had a trying day today, so I am going to "cheat" and put up a haul post.  It has been a long time coming anyway, since some of these I have had for about 2 weeks already!  
I was happy to do a trade with former schoolmate and friend, Marnie.  I killed a couple of needed polishes and she included my first Butter London as a birthday present!
 Butter London Victoriana
 My first Girly Bits!  (not for lack of trying!)  I have wanted Stormy Skies for a long time-among others.
 Cult Nails Black Out.  I love the quality of Cult Nails and really wanted her black!
 I bought this from Llarowe's 50% off sale awhile back!  Up Colors Verde 360. I already posted about it and have since swapped it.
 My ultimate favorite indie brand, Nailventurous Lacquers!  I love her and her polishes!
 Evil Barbie could be my favorite of hers!  I have already posted about it a week ago.
 Eskimo Kisses...
 Hurricane Season.
 The Shimmer Effect.
 Robin laid an Egg.
 I won a giveaway from You Had Me at Makeup!  Thank you Marisa!  This is Oui Je Le Veux by Karine.
 My first Pahlish-Sitting In a Tin Can. I love her names!
 I bought my first two Glitter Daze-in mini form.  Daddy's Girl and Flower Girl. I have already posted about Flower Girl.
 WHAT?! These aren't indies!!  Yep, I fell in love with some swatches by Pointless Cafe and ran to Sally's and got these beauties for 50% off clearance which equaled $2 each!!!
Grave Mistake and Royal Velvet
 I am in a Secret Bunny Swap in one of the nail groups I am a part of and my bunny sent me these!
AllThat Glitters Heartbeat City, UP Colors Azul Disco, Lilas Chrome, and China Glaze Concrete Catwalk
I got this off of Llarowe's website...
 AND my Lush and Lacquer order arrived!  Did you know they had 2600 orders?!  Crazy!
 This is Pink Panther and Snap, Crackle, Pop.
 Finally, I was given a RAOK (Random Act Of Kindness) by a nail buddy, Jen, who sent this to me just yesterday! thank you Jen!
NubarElegant Indigo
What scares me is I still have more polish on the way to me and I am starting to lose track of what they are!  Do you have that problem?


Pointless Cafe said...

Great hauls!!! And haul posts are NOT "cheating!"

Jen said...

totally NOT a problem. But I did just buy a little notebook to keep track of swaps and what I buy, send and expect in the mail. (:

The Silverinator said...

Awesome haul! Woot woot!

Michaela said...

awesome polishes! Yes I have a huge problem with keeping track of nail mail - there's a reason I have a spreadsheet I add each polish to as I buy it. Otherwise I'd never realise if something hadn't turned up or what I have to swatch!!

Treesponge said...

black out awesome, though it's more of a dark gray, but you HAVE to try nevermore! it's the best black polish I've used!

Elizabeth said...

Sorry it was such a trying day--hopefully having such a wealth of gorgeousness was cheering! I'm all kinds of green & jealous now. ;)

Robin Laid an Egg and Evil Barbie look spectacular!

Lizzy O. said...

AMAZING HAUL!!! DANG!!! You are the INDIE queen!