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Saturday, June 9, 2012

FEVERLacquer's FEVERShadow!

Today's post is something different!  I am going to try my hand at reviewing makeup.  Fellow blogger, Cassandra, over at The Mani-Logues, has recently made her mark in the eyeshadow business. She has called it FEVERShadow. What I have to show you today is a set of three loose powder eyeshadows and one cream eyeshadow inspired by The Hunger Games.
Here is a snippet of what she has to say about them: Our cosmetics are hand made, and most importantly they are ALL toxin free... so I use natural ingredients, especially in the facial cosmetics (eye shadow, primer, liner etc).
Top Left/Right: cream eyeshadow called /Effie's Trinket  Bottom L&R: Rue's Wildflower/District 12 Soot 
I have had a lifetime issue with finding eyeshadows and eyeliners that don't flake or crease or fade and that just simply stay on my face.  So I was eager to try something new.  In my lifetime, I have only found about two brands that will actually stay on my face all day.  I should also say that I have oily skin...
So, these first two pictures I put an eye primer on first using Kat Von Dee's Eye Primer.
photo taken in artificial lighting
Opening the containers, I had a couple of fails when I accidentally opened the container upside down.  I lost some eyeshadow when that happened, and it happened twice!  :o(  I was so excited to use them, that I failed to see which way was up!  Maybe if the label was only on the bottom rather than one on the bottom and one on the top...
I used Rue's Wildflower on the brow bone and Effie's Trinket on the lid. Rue's is a soft violet color and Effie's is a stunning gold.  I also put District 12 Soot in the crease.  District 12 looks just like soot-charcoal black and saturated.  I lined my eyes with the cream District 12 Soot.
The loose eyeshadows lasted for a solid 8 hours.  I kept rechecking in the mirror throughout the day and it wasn't until the eight hour mark that I noticed faint creasing.  The creme that I used as an eyeliner did not fare as well. It lasted as an eyeliner for about 2 hours. Considering that eyeliners almost never stay on me, I consider that to be standard on my skin. 
The following day, I used District 12 Soot on my lids and Effie's Trinkets on my brow bones.  I also used an eye primer again.  This time, I stuck with my Kat Von Dee eyeliner.  As you can see from the little containers, the powder is loose.  My other container issue was that there is no sifter in these and so there is no control over what is on the brush.
I LOVE these three colors and they are so saturated!  I didn't think that Rue's Wildflowers would show up on my skin tone, but it did!  I also love Effie's Trinket-it is a beautiful gold that looks fantastic paired with either of the others.  I can't wait to try the creme District 12 Soot as an actual eyeshadow. It is a beautiful blend of black and gold.  I think that these are beautiful and well-thought out.
I love FEVERShadow's first collection and can not wait to try more!
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