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Monday, June 25, 2012

GOSH Miss Grey and Cult Nails Black Out

Today will be a really quick post about two different brands that had the same application issues and great end results.  First up is GOSH Miss Grey.  Gosh Miss Grey is a beautiful grey.  I love grey polishes and "had" to have this one from a blog sale.  When I tried it on, the first coat was super streaky and the polish was thin.  It barely covered any of my nail the first time around, but on the second coat, it layered great!  The streaking was gone, and I was left with a  beautiful grey color.  
Cult Nails Black Out.   I got confused with this one and Nevermore. I thought THIS one was the black one coater, but in reality it is not. It is actually more of a chocolate black. I was a little surprised that it was thin and streaky and barely covered any of my nail bed during the first round of polish.
On the second layer, it covered beautifully and left a stunning-picture friendly manicure!  While I have since learned that Nevermore is the one coater black that I really want, this one is beautiful too, if not as easy to use.

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