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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

nAiL'DiT Indie Pen Dance and Mermaid Tears

I have two polishes from a new-to-me indie brand to show you today. It is nAiL'DiT on Etsy (also known as Andeevie) and the first one is called Indie Pen-dance.  Indie Pen-dance is a red, white and blue nail polish with bars, hexes, squares and diamonds in it!  Quite frankly, the end result is breathtaking!  I layered it over Cult Nails Black Out. When I received the polishes in the mail I was impressed by the bright colors and glitter in my bottles.  I have never seen glitter so well-suspended in a bottle of polish! It literally swims around in there with none of it sticking to the sides!  I thought for sure it would come out easily.  I was wrong. I had a hard time getting any glitter to stick to the brush. It took three coats to get this much glitter on my nails, and I had to tilt the bottle to get glitter on my brush. By that time, there was so much base on my nails I was afraid to put more! I am really sad to say this, because everything I see should point to great application, but it was a little rough.  I will continue to use this, because of all the patriotic glitters I have seen, this one is has the best end result! Application was the only disappointment I had in these two polishes.
UPDATE:  I have been told by several customers of Naild'It that they did not have this problem at all. I was also emailed by Andrea (Naild'It) and it turns out that she had issues getting the mix correct in the mini bottles.  I had mini bottles of both of the polishes in this post.  Of course, those were the bottles Andrea gave me to review and my review still stands, because that is my experience.  However, I did want to clarify that it seems to only be with the minis which she has since pulled out of her store. My full-sized bottle of Violet B Wild came out flawlessly!
Next, I have Mermaid Tears.  Mermaid Tears is a beautiful polish.  It is made up of a spattering of black bars and large hexes, rosy pink micro and medium sized hexes, and lavender and sage green mini hexes.
I had the idea to layer it over two polishes- A England Guinevere and Zoya Dove.  I was thrilled with the results!  I do think it should have been named Cherry Blossoms though!  Every single time I looked at my nails, I thought of cherry blossoms! It reminds me of an asian inspired garden.
I still had the same issue with Mermaid Tears as I did with Indie Pen-dance.  From the outside everything looked amazing. But it took me three layers to get this much glitter on my nails and some manipulation of the larger black hexes.  Honestly, it was worth it for these two. I have found nothing like these in any other indie store, so I will continue to multiple layer it.  I do have my eye on two more in her store as well, that would be worth the work to use.
To buy from nAiL'DiT, click HERE.
To "Like" her Facebook page, click HERE.
*this polish was sent to me for an honest review*


Lizzy O. said...

Her Polishes are INDEED very well suspended.

I have acquired some Indies in the past month and glitter sticking to bottle/bottom of bottle was starting to bug me.

But her polishes don't have that problem. I love her base.

I guess the price we have to pay for such amazing is multiple application. Lol... A price I'm willing to pay.
Although I didn't have the application problem with the polishes I got from her.

Maybe I didn't pay attention.

These are gorgeous... and I Absolutely see the cherry blossoms you mean!

SO this is probably the longest comment I've let on a blog. LOL...

They are both gorgeous polishes. And your swatches are lovely!

illustratedlady said...

Thanks Lizzy for your comments! I will be posting a review of two more of her polishes in a couple of days, and I did NOT have that issue with either of those! So , I dunno, but I too am willing to pay that price and will no doubt be buying those watermelon and sunflower looking ones too!

Haley said...

I just recently ordered "Muddy Buddies" from her Etsy shop and there was a problem with the shipping so she included a mini of Indie Pen Dance but I guess I got them before she started making those nice labels. I haven't been able to try them yet but I'm excited to now that I've seen your post. In fact, maybe I'll do that this week! Love your photos :)

Michaela said...

So many of her newer polishes are screaming BUY ME!!! but alas, no international shipping :(
It definitely speaks volumes that you're willing to use 3 coats to get the coverage most glitters give in 1 layer.
I have stopped buying mini sized indie glitters myself because I had a sneaking suspicion the tiny volume impacted on the formula and application just based on reviews I'd seen from full sized bottles compared to my mini bottle results in the past. So there must be some truth there! Now I buy full sized glitters if they are chunky looking - saving minis for shimmers and cremes.
The cherry blossom nails are so beautiful. Hope she changes the name!!!!