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Monday, June 4, 2012

Part 1 of the 365 Days of Color Collection

Quite some time ago, I bought the mini collection of 365 Days of Color's first collection.  Somehow they got lost in all of my nail mail and I had forgotten to swatch them.  So, I am here to fix that major faux pas and show you the first three of her five set collection!
This first one is called Cotton Candy...
Cotton Candy is in a milky white base with mid-sized pink and blue hex glitters.  It went on really well with no issues. What you see here is three coats, simply because I like to have the white really stand out.   The glitters came out easily and I did not need to manipulate any of them!
Next up, is Summer Dreams.  Summer Dreams is a beautiful pastel green with different sizes, shapes and colors of glitter.
This also went on easily and with no need for glitter manipulation.  I used two coats of Summer Dream and it applied like a dream!  My only issue would be that some of the bar glitter curled slightly.
The third one in the set is Funfetti.  Funfetti is just what the name says-FUN!  I used two coats of Funfetti to get the look you see here.  Funfetti went on easily and with no manipulation of glitters needed. Sensing a theme here?!
Funfetti has a myriad of sizes, shapes, and colors as well!  It was a joy to wear and my favorite of the three!
To order from 365 days of Color, click HERE.  She reopens today June 4th!  Click HERE to go to her blog. Click HERE to "Like" her on Facebook.


Stephanie said...

I like all 3 of these!

Lynn said...

I love summer dreams!! Such a fun polish