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Sunday, June 24, 2012

SoFlaJo's Summer Breeze from the Life's A Beach Collection!

Today's beautiful color changing polish comes from SoFlaJo's brand new Life's A Beach Collection. It is called Summer Breeze and looks like a lavender shimmer in the bottle with a purple haze running through it.  My husband is an avid fisherman and was immediately attracted to it. He even ran out to his boat and said he thought he had a worm that would match it exactly!  Sure enough, he brought me the worm you see in the picture. His only critique is that the polish should have been named after the worm-Morning Dawn.  Cute, huh?
I think Summer Breeze is best as a top coat over your favorite polish, but I wanted to show you what it looks like on its own too!  One frustration of mine is looking for swatches of a brand new polish and not being able to find swatches of it on its own.  So here is Summer Breeze on its own. It took four coats to get it to this opacity.  It went on very well and had great application!
I then layered it over several colors.  Here it is over Gosh Mis Grey on my pinkie and middle fingers.  Look how it dramatically changes the color of the grey!  It gives of a blue/lavender shimmer! This was two coats of Summer Breeze.
I then put it over Cult Nails Black Out on my pinkie and middle fingers.  The change is over the top! It goes from a chocolate black to deep purple/blue metallic shimmer! This was my favorite!
Here you can see it again over Gosh Mis Grey...
And over Cult Nails Black Out... Notice the bottle shots of the polish.
I figured since this was a beach themed collection, I would do a skittle mani with beach colors. From left to right I have on Nails Inc Chalk Farm, A England Guinevere, Zoya Dove, and Girly Bits Stormy Skies.
Look what it does to the polish!  It really changes these polishes beautifully! After trying on this polish, I did order more from SoFlaJo, so stay tuned for more on this collection!
SoFlaJo has just restocked her Etsy shop with the new Life's A Beach Collection.  Each polish sells for $10 each. You can also get the mini collection for $40 or the full-sized collection for $80.  You don't want to miss it or her older collections either!
To order from her Etsy shop, click HERE.
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*This polish was given to me for an honest review*


The Silverinator said...

Ooh! This one is so pretty!

Jacki said...

great post! my favorite is over the black!!

PassionForPolish said...

Gorgeous! It's amazing layered over darker shades!