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Sunday, June 17, 2012

UP Colors Salsa Verde with Dandy Nails Through Glass

I was able to buy a gorgeous holo from UP Colors called Salsa Verde!  I bought it from llarowe's website when she had her 50% off of one polish sale!  I don't know about you but the Brazilian's certainly know how to do their holos!!!  This polish went on in two coats.
The holo in it is more foil-like than the others I have tried.  It is blindingly beautiful in the sun. What confuses me is that the name implies green polish, but this is a definite teal.
For fun, I decided to put some dandy Nails Through Glass on the tips and on the ring finger as an accent.
Through Glass goes on really smoothly and as far as silver holo glitters goes, it is different in that it is a shard glitter and very chunky!  If any polish can keep up with the amazingness of Salsa Verde it is Dandy Nails through Glass.
Here is a more subdued look at Through Glass as it stands in the shade.  It still gives of a kaleidoscope of colors!  I will do a more in depth look at Through Glass in the future!
To buy Dandy Nails, click HERE.  She has many more you will like as well!
To buy Up Colors on Llarowe, click HERE.

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PassionForPolish said...

Very pretty!! Gorgeous Holo!