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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cirque Colors Epoch

Are you ready for a little bit of crazy?!  Today, I want to show you the first of three Cirque Colors polishes I bought!  I first heard about Cirque Colors from Gotham Polish, whose blog I pore over just to see photos of NYC!  (For you New Yorkers, she also has a map of the stores in NYC and what polishes they sell.)  Right after reading Gotham Polish's intro to Cirque Colors, I read that Chalkboard Nails posted swatches of Cirque Colors as well!  Well, I HAD to try it!
Today I will show you Cirque Colors Epoch.
Epoch is a duo chrome that changes from green to purple and sometimes blue.  90% of the time it reads green, but at extreme angles and in the shade, the purple shows itself.
This polish went on very easily in two coats and dried faster than most polishes.  Cirque says that there is a slight lavender scent, but I didn't smell it.
You can see in this picture the solid metallic green that this polish is!  It is so stunning.  Another thing that caught my attention was the packaging and attention to detail. The polishes were in black mesh bags which were nestled in black tissue paper in the mailing box.  The brushes FEEL expensive as does the glass bottle.  I love the black sticker with the "C" on the label.
I feel I have a winner in my hands here.  I can't wait to try out the other two polishes I bought form Cirque!  have you heard of them before this?  Go check out their website by clicking HERE, and LIKE them on Facebook for updates!


voir-la-beaute said...

Took you long enough! ;) Yayaya! Love it! Green and purple = yummy!

PassionForPolish said...

Oooooh so very beautiful :)