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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cirque Colors Vaudeville-Glitter Daze Daddy's Girl

Cirque Colors Vaudeville...A soft pink with grey undertones and a nice shimmery metallic flake to boot!
When I found out about Cirque Colors, I was pretty much blown away by everything about this brand!  Anne, the founder of Cirque, does jellies, holos, glitter, duo chromes...I mean, the list is endless!  The packaging is spot on and high-end, with no detail left out!  I just can't say enough about this brand!
I am not a huge fan of soft pinks, but something about Vaudeville spoke to my softer side.  What you see is two coats that were self-leveling and smooth as silk.  This was a dream to put on just like the last one I showed you!
When the mani started showing tip-wear, I put on Glitter Daze's Daddy's Girl to freshen it up!  Daddy's Girl is a glitter polish with a clear base and black squares, white bars, and rosy pink hexes. It was easy to apply and was pretty dense in one coat!  You can buy Glitter Daze from her Etsy shop, by clicking HERE.
To buy from Cirque Colors, click HERE.

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PassionForPolish said...

Beautiful glitter! Love the base colour too :)