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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Debuting My Monthly Favorites-JUNE!

Hi everyone!  I am so excited, because today I am debuting something new for my blog!  At the beginning of each month, I will post about some of the things that made an impression on me in the previous month.  A big thank you to Jess at Love For Lacquer, who's original idea of monthly favorites spurred on this idea!  (You can get the link to her monthly favorites later in this post.)  This one is a little late getting started, since it was so spur-of-the-moment, so let's move on to it!
#1:  Nailventurous Evil Barbie:  Chances are high that this will be in my favorites of 2012.  I love this polish more than food!  The bright pink shimmery jelly with "evil" black glitters are SO VERY ME.  Application was beautifully flawless.  Amy's creativity knows no bounds. I really can't get enough.  If I had to choose just one polish to wear for a year, this would be it.
#2: Princess Polish Grape Jelly:  I received this to review and was super impressed!  After two coats, this JELLY HOLO thrilled and it killed like the horns on my Silverado grill! (Sorry, I had to borrow from the Big & Rich song...)  Before this polish, I had never heard of a jelly holo and this linear holo impressed the snot out of me!  I can't wait to receive my other ones, AND she will be coming out with a new fall line of jelly holos as well!  Woohoo!
#3:  Nail'dIt (Andeevie) Mermaid Tears:  Coincidentally, this was also given to me to review and I was blown over by the soft beauty of it.  I never would have chosen this one on my own, but thank God it was chosen for me, because it made me stand up and take notice of this shop.  I am impressed by the creativity and artistry that went into this.

 KB Shimmer I bought from KB Shimmer in the past and didn't fall totally in love.  But with all of these new colors that KB Shimmer brought to her shop in June I was wowed!  She chose three amazing bloggers to swatch her photos which helped immensely with seeing how the polishes would look, she communicated amazingly with her customer base about the status of orders, and my polishes arrived in record time! Professionalism is high here!

Cirque Colors:  The classiness and upscale look of this new polish brand stunned me. The lady behind the polish, Annie, chose high-end EVERYTHING when it came to her polish line.  The website is easy to maneuver, there is a wide variety to choose from-glitter, holo, duo chrome, metallic, jelly-it's all there, the labels and packaging are detailed and beautiful.  Look for swatches of these in July!  
From Left: Epoch, Vaudeville, Fascination Street

Man Polish:  Have you heard of Man Polish yet?  He is the husband of a nail polish lover who is just starting out. She owns about 200 polishes and he has started blogging about how ridiculously crazy we are for what we do. (He also throws out random tips on sales and such and goes polish shopping with his wife, so he can't be all that bad!) It is absolutely hilarious and I was crying laughing as I read each and every post.  We need to not take ourselves so seriously and this blog helps with that!  A MUST READ! 

Love For Lacquer:  Chances are you've heard of Love For Lacquer!  She has a huge following, and in January she started posting about her monthly favorites!  It has been very popular and has everything from polish and makeup to drinks and jewelry!  I have found great drugstore mascaras to buy, a Bath and Body mist I want to try, and some of MY favorite indie polishes on there!  I asked her if I could borrow her idea and make it my own and she has been very supportive!  Go check her out!

With so many indie's coming out, it can be hard to know who to buy from. I thought I would cast a spotlight on one's that I thought to be noteworthy.
Nail'dIt (andeevie):  Not to sound redundant, but Nail'dIt is on my radar now.  She has been nothing but a doll to communicate with and her creativity is impressive-polishes based off of Sunflower Seeds and Watermelons?! An Olympic-themed collection coming out? The quality has been outstanding as well and if I had issues, she ha been very accommodating.  Keep an eye on this one! 

Aqua Daisy:  Are you wondering which indies have quality product?  Take it from me and a few of my nail blogging friends, Aqua Daisy delivers quality!  I reviewed her beautiful mint polish with fuchsia glitter that you can read about HERE.   Also, my friend Sheila from Pointless Cafe gave a rave review about Aqua Daisy's Purple Holographic being a ONE coater. As a matter of fact, she won't stop talking about this polish!  

I love jewelry, strange art, and stalking Etsy, so each month I will show you something awesome I found on Etsy! Expect to see a lot of jewelry!
Red Pyramid Ring by Beading Times:  How absolutely adorable, is this? It is girly, but still has that hard edge to it that I love and need!  AND it's only $18!!!
 Pinky Toast-Original Big-Eyed Art:  OMG!  I have a thing for big-eyed girls in art like the Eden paintings from the '70's (I have three in my hallway), Margaret Keane's gallery in San Francisco, and those gorgeous Blythe dolls which are way too expensive for me to buy.  When I stumbled onto these on Etsy, I was in heaven!  They are all simply gorgeous! I can't stay away!

Well, that's it for the first of my monthly favorites posts!  Let me know what you thought and if I left out any categories! (I wanted to add one more NPR find, but felt like this post was already too long!) I hope you enjoyed it as much as I loved writing it! 


Jessica said...

I am so so honored to be in your first favorites post! This was amazing!!!!! Thank you so much & I can't wait for next months! :)

Jen said...

Love this Michelle! Evil Barbie is by far my favorite NVL!!

Kim said...

Love this! Evil Barbie is gorgeous! I'm so glad you're doing a favorites post too. Aren't they so fun?!

Jenn said...

Bring Evil Barbie when you come in the fall. I just need to see it in person to really appreciate it.
I read Man Polish's blog the other day and was floored and impressed with his post. It was the one about patriotism. Had me in stitches. LingOL. ROFL. I don't know about that toe photo though. haha.
The Grape jelly seems interesting. Is it a gel? I don't recall seeing that it was but it looks like it could be one?

Shannon-Lee said...

Thank you so much for sharing pinkytoast! I just checked out their Etsy store, and I love the art! I've got a few faves picked out for my new home!