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Friday, July 13, 2012

Dior Forget Me Not

A dear friend and former schoolmate of mine, Marnie from Nubbins-4-Nails, let me borrow this polish to try out.  HOW GENEROUS IS THAT?  She and I work five minutes away from each other, so occasionally we let our polishes spend the night at each other's homes. :o)  I was not expecting to be able to borrow THIS expensive lovely, though!  If you don't recognize it already, this is Dior's Forget Me Not, a scented polish that comes from the Limited Edition duo that includes Waterlily.  
This .33oz bottle of $24 liquid is amazing.  The application was spot on. The color was intense and beautiful. AND. THE. BOTTLE. THE BOTTLE!  They are so beautiful!  I treasured wearing this polish and the only issue I had with it (besides it not belonging to ME) is the scent.  After awhile, the smell gave me a mild headache. I thought that with the application of Seche Vite as a top coat that it would disappear, but it didn't. I found myself trying to keep my hands away from my face.  No matter. It was worth wearing a Dior for!

I am in love with Dior, and am slightly scared to say, that I have traveled up to the big leagues, baby!  How to afford these? LOL. I will find a way!
You can find Dior's pretty much anywhere on the web. This particular color is on sale on Ebay for somewhere around the $35 mark.

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Ashley is PolishAddicted said...

Love it Michelle!!! I KNEW you would be addicted to Dior once you tried them! ♥