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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lacquistry Rouhier For Michelle!

Awhile ago, Jenna from Lacquistry, made me this amazing custom nail polish and then she named it after me!  Rouhier for Michelle is a packed glitter polish in purples, aquas and fuchsias!  It has a sheer purple base and goes on densely.  Jenna and I have been in cahoots for awhile since her shop has been closed down as she makes customs for people. I am one of those people. :o)  
Rouhier for Michelle is a blingy glitter polish that demands that you take notice!  I could not get through the day without somebody commenting on my nails!
I layered it over Orly Charged Up.  I am new to Orly since I have been concentrating mainly on indie brands and some other brands since collecting polish.  Charged Up was pretty thin and watery, but I managed to make it opaque in two coats.  It tuns out it is a gorgeous purple!
Lacquistry is finishing up her custom creations and then will continue to supply us with her regular creations via her Etsy shop. Click HERE to bookmark her Etsy opening.  Click HERE to like her Facebook page and to get updates on new polishes and her Etsy opening.

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Shannon-Lee said...

Lord have mercy, that is awesome! Lacquistry is my favourite indie polish maker. I hope she still plans on doing a few customs here and there, because I'd love one!