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Friday, July 6, 2012

Lush Lacquer's Mr. Bubbles and Midnight Affair

It took me forever to finally buy from Lush Lacquer.  I was focused on other indies I suppose.  But then the mother/daughter duo came up with a couple of polishes that I could not ignore.  I just had to buy those, and in the midst of buying, they also asked me to review a few of their polishes.  These are two of the three that were sent to me for review.  After trying out four of the five I have in my possession, I am impressed. The consistency of every polish is THE SAME-flawless and easy. 
The first polish is Mr. Bubbles.  Named after that cute little bubble commercial, the polish is a dead on ringer!
 Mr. Bubbles is in a clear base and is best used with a colored base coat.  I used Zoya Dove-which seems to be my go-to polish for base coats lately!  This is only one coat of Mr. Bubbles and you can see how well it covers.  It layered evenly and without issue. The base was a perfect formula. I had no issues with thickness OR thinness.   I adore the different sizes of hexes in here that depict the bubbles.
As a bonus, I layered Mr. Bubbles over black on my thumb. The colors really pop!  I am sure women everywhere will go crazy for this one!
My 2nd bottle of polish is Midnight Affair.  When I first saw the bottle, I wasn't super excited. I thought, "Meh. I could do without this one."  I was wrong.  I layered this one over China Glaze Concrete Catwalk.  The base for Midnight Affair is clear as well, and it is made up of red, black, and white glitter in bars, squares and hexes ranging in a variety of sizes.  
I was even more impressed when I put this on and the application was exactly the same as Mr. Bubbles.  Smooth.  Easy.  Even coverage.  What you see is two coats.  I meant to swatch this one and take it off to do more swatches, but I loved it so much, I kept it on!
This polish wooed me nice and slowly, drew me in, and wouldn't let me go.  I would never have bought this one and am now in love.  If you do buy form Lush Lacquer, know in advance that they make their polishes to order. What that means is a wait time which they post on their Etsy shop.  When I had ordered mine, I waited 3 weeks for my polishes.  I did email them and after a day or two, they got back to me and let me know that they had 2600 orders to fill and just the two of them filling the orders and they let me know my polishes would be shipped shortly.

To buy Lush Lacquer, click HERE.
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*these polishes were sent to me for an honest review*


Ashley is PolishAddicted said...

So pretty! Great combos!!

Amy from imfeelingnail-venturous said...

Great color combo with Mr. Bubbles!

Gnarly Gnails said...

how weird is it that i ordered from them recently and both polishes i bought were these two? i love mr bubble, i havent worn midnight affair yet though. looks awesome, mr bubble is a definite winner!