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Sunday, July 22, 2012


This haul post goes waaaaaaayyyyyyy back!  My last haul post was June 20th, so this is one month's worth of polish!  Because I waited so long to post, these aren't really in order. 
First up is my KB Shimmers!  YAY!  On top is Elle and Shipwreck. On bottom is Watercolor, Clown Puke, and Orange Pop.  I LOVE these and have already blogged about Elle.
 Up next, are ten polishes I got from Jenna at Lacquistry!  To make a long story short, I asked her to send me some of her set aside polishes-customs that didn't work out or ones she made that she decided not to sell.  She sent me these ten and they weren't named!!!!  So I asked some of my girls in a nail polish group to help me name them!  Be prepared to have your eyes pop out!
These first two might be my favorite!  Black Velvet is a blackened plum base with aqua blue glitters and The Beautiful Ones is a periwinkle base with aqua blue glitters!
Left: Black Velvet named by Ashley is Polish Addicted.  Right: The Beautiful Ones (Prince song)
 The unnamed one is a deep aqua base with all sorts of silver holo glitter.  (If you can think of a name, comment at the bottom!)
Cleopatra is a light aqua base with aqua glitters and lavender glitters
Left: currently unnamed.  Right:  Cleopatra named by Sheila from Pointless Cafe
 Let's Go Crazy is  a bright fuchsia base and Raspberry Beret is a raspberry base!
Left: Let's Go Crazy!  Right: Raspberry Beret   (both Prince songs)  I <3 Prince
Raintree County is a deep sage green polish with holo in it! WOW. Totally unlike anything I have seen Jenna do yet!   When Doves Cry is all about the purple.
Left: Raintree County named by Sheila from Pointless Cafe.   Right:  When Doves Cry (Prince song!  DUH!)
 I Would Die 4 You is a straight polish like Raintree County except plum colored.  I'm a 10! is a purple polish with purple and gold glitters in it.
Left: I Would Die 4 You.    Right: I'm a 10!  Named by Amy from I'm feeling Nailventurous
 Up next is Nailventurous Lacquers Joker.  'Nuff said.  I mean look at it.
 I actually got all cray-cray and bought some high end polishes.  These are my first Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes.  I bought 2 LE's and one older one.  The boxes are signed.
 Halcyon, Faraway, and Abi.  Faraway and Abi are from the GROMM collection available now.
 Next, is my first two Smitten polishes!   These are made by the lovely Noelie from Noelie's Nails.
 I found out about her sale at the tail end of her selling out in her Etsy shop. Many of the ones I wanted were already gone, but I snagged these two!  Strawberry Tart....
 And Pink Lemonade... I have yet to see a picture actually capture the real beauty of this polish!
 My second and third Butter Londons!  Woohoo!  (Can you see me taking the picture in the bottle caps?!)
 Marrow has been a long time lemming of mine.
 I have reverted back to my old ways and can not say no to bright pink!  This is Queen Vic!
 The very nicest thing happened to me this past week.  Jessica from Mosaic Lacquer thanked me for including her in my indie tab on my blog and wanted to send me a polish in appreciation.  WOW. No one has ever done that before!  She sent me Futz!  I happen to love grey, so expect to see this soon!
 Did I mention it is holo?????
 SINFUL HAUL!!!!  As we all know, Sinful Colors is having their 99 cents sale starting today and ending next weekend.  I went right out and bought these...Fig, Hazard, Dream On.  Can you believe I only owned one Sinful Polish?  The black one at that!
 And these...Why Not, Innocent, Kissy, Exotic Green...  I will be going back tomorrow to see if they have others!
 I have already posted about two of the three of these, but these are my Cirque Polishes.  YUMMY.
 Fascination Street, a purple holo...
 Vaudeille, a soft pink metallic...
 Epoch, a purple/green duo chrome.
I bought four of these off a blog sale, but the green and yellow didn't make it home. I gave them to a little girl who came into my work sporting blue toes. :o)  Surfer Girl and Sunbathing Beauty....
 This came off of a blog sale too!  I bought Polished Perfection Sucker from The Trace Face Philes.  I admired this one on her blog when she posted it, and then when she posted  it for sale, I was all over that!!!!!
 I got these Sinfuls before the sale. LOL.   Winterberry, Boogie Nights, and Nirvana.
 Princess Polish!!!  I am so excited to finally have these! We had issues with USPS, and these took awhile to get here, but they are here!  JELLY HOLOS.   Yes, Please, and Thank you.
 Last on my haul, but one of my new favorites is Naild'It!!!!!!  She sent me a couple to review and I fell in love with the creativity!  Here are Sumer Lovin' Water and Summer Lovin' Melon.  And that my dears, is why I now have 56 untrieds. ROFL
Well, that's it for now!   Phew!  Thanks for sticking with me. I will not be posting links to these in this post right now, but you can find most all of these in my indie tab on my home page!


Ashesela said...

Oooooh!!!! What an amazing haul!!!! :D

Cari Welsh said...

awesome haul!! I'm so jealous! :)

Megan @ Let There Be Lacquer said...

I just got Summer Lovin Water in the mail and it's soooooo stunning.Can't wait to see your swatch!

The Silverinator said...

I think you should call it "I'm with the DJ" because there's bar glitter. Get it? LOL

LOVE looking at all the pretties! Thank you!

Jen-Jindie Nails said...

O.M.G...dude...I love this post! I already follow you but I was looking at my traffic from my etsy shop and someone from your blog looked at my shop :)! Thanks :)!!! Anyways, I clicked to make sure I followed you and saw this AMAZING post you did! Love it!

Beauty Ninja said...

Amazing haul! I'm so jealous!