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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Shimmer Polish-Swatches and Review!

Today, I have an indie brand to show you that I have been seeing pop up in my news feed amongst different bloggers!  Shimmer Polish is a handmade polish created by Cindy.  I will be showing you four of her polishes today.
The first polish is called Shimmer Caroline.  Caroline is a deep purple glitter polish. Caroline is densely packed with tons of small-sized purple glitters in a clear base. The main color of glitter is purple, but there is also a smattering of fuchsia, blue, pink, and gold.
From left -right is three coats, two coats, and one coat. You can see that it builds up really well on its own!  The polish had great consistency, shook up easily, and there was no sinking glitter at all.
Here, I put Shimmer Caroline over two coats of Zoya Savita.  This photo shows with no top coat.  You can see that the purple base brought out the blues more intensely!  (I apologize for not putting top coat. I thought of it much too late. )  :o(
The 2nd Shimmer is called Gerry.  Gerry is a navy glitter polish with a smattering of red, pink, and slightly larger black hexes. (Woohoo for black hexes!)  Gerry mimicked Carolina in that it had the same smaller glitters and was packed with glitter in the bottle!  Application was the same as Carolina as well: great consistency, shook up easily and had no issues whatsoever. From left -right is three coats, two coats, and one coat.  I was impressed with how well these polishes layered!
I then put Gerry over my go-to blue: Cult Nails Time Traveler.  This is one coat of Time Traveler and one coat of Gerry, and no top coat.  You can see that the red really pops like this!
Third up, and my favorite one was Shimmer Karina!  Karina is a wine-colored red glitter.  The difference in this one from the other three is that this one had a nicely saturated red base!  I prefer my glitter bases to be colored so that there is no need to layer over another color; of course, that isn't the only reason I loved this polish!  This polish is jam-packed with red glitters in a variety of shades, along with hints of holo silver glitter, and some larger black hexes. From left -right is three coats, two coats, and one coat. (Although it didn't need that third coat!)
Just for fun, and even though it didn't need a base coat, I used one anyway.  Here is one coat of Orly Grave Mistake and one coat of Shimmer Karina.  I also top coated this one, and then realized I should have top coated the others too. It just looks better!  Oh well. Live and learn.  This is such a beautiful sparkly polish and I don't even like reds, so I am shocked that this was my favorite out of the bunch! It is a very wine-colored or berry colored red.  That happens to be tho only shade of red I can stand. LOL
Lastly, is Shimmer Linna.  Linna is what I would call a Christmas-y green.  It is also jam packed with small green glitters and a smattering of red, gold, blue and sliver glitters. But that is where the similarities end.  Linna was the finicky one of the bunch.  It was thick and harder to work with and didn't come out evenly. Because of that, I had a hard time getting that third coat on the last nail. From left -right is three coats, two coats, and one coat.
I layered one coat of Linna over three greens.  On the left is is ManGlaze ILF, middle is Nubar Reclaim, and on the right is Zoya Yara.  Each has one coat of Linna. I think it looks amazing over ILF and Reclaim!  It reminds me so much of Christmas tree lights!  I might need to keep this one for Christmas time!
In all, the formulas for three of them was outstanding and very well made. The last one could use some thinner, but wasn't too bad if you are doing one coat.  I was very surprised by the beauty of these small-sized glitter polishes.  I love how Cindy made one color the main feature, but then added small amounts of other colors to enhance it!  Kudos to her!
You can buy Shimmer Polish by clicking HERE.
You can also follow Shimmer Polish on Facebook for updates by clicking HERE.
*these polishes were sent to me for an honest review*


Patricia Knetzer said...

Love 'em all!! Think Caroline is my favorite!

greentealover said...

Linna looks the best to me out of this bunch! :)

Shimmer (Nail Polish) said...

Thanks for the pretty swatches!xoxo