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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fanchromatic Nails-Swatches and Review

Today I have two indie polishes from Fanchromatic Nails.  Lynae, the owner and maker of the polishes, calls it "polish for the geek in you," and names them after her favorite book, shows, and films.  The first one I have is called Astrometrics.  Astrometrics was inspired by Star Trek.  It is described as a cobalt, but I see a deep gunmetal grey WITH cobalt blue and copper glitters and holographic glitters!  I think it is a beautiful polish and it definitely reminded me of space.
I had a hard time capturing the holo in my pictures as it was dusk when I took these, but trust me when I say that it is there!  I did have some application issues with Astrometrics.  I had minor bald spots, even after three coats.
You can see the partial unevenness of the polish in the picture below.  This could be remedied by either putting a darker base coat under it or putting on four coats of Astrometrics!  I want to add that it also might be because I had mini bottles and as we all know, mini brushes are hard to work with!
Next, I have Between Two Worlds.  This grey-toned, lilac jelly is not what you would expect in a polish.  Copper, bronze, green and silver hex glitters are evenly distributed throughout and the bonus for me is that the jelly builds up enough to see no nail line, but you can still see the layers of glitter clearly!  One of my pet peeves in glitter polishes is when the base mucks up the glitters and partially covers them.  This had none of that!
The combination of the smoky lilac and the unexpected colors of glitter were fantastic in my book; but I had some issues with application.  It applied a bit unevenly and didn't self-level.   I had some patchy spots even after three coats.  Unfortunately, I also had a good amount of chipping after 24 hours as well.
To sum it all up:  These polishes have serious potential! I absolutely loved the look of Between Two Worlds!   Fanchromatic Nails comes out with combinations that aren't your typical "pretty girl" polish.  The color combinations are unique and well-thought out. But the application needs some working on.  Fixing the formula issues will make this brand a hit!
Full-sized bottles retail for $8.25 and mini's for $4.75.
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*these polishes were given to me for an honest review*


Lynae said...

Hey! Thanks so much for the review of my polish! The photos look great.

I wanted to (publicly) address the issues with the formula--I have had some problems crop up with the suspension base I was using, that I've only really been clued into within the last few days, actually. I think it's heat-sensitive or something. I live in San Francisco and have few genuinely hot days, and have had no problems with the bottles I use for swatching. Even with the one other report I've had, it seems like only some bottles in their order were affected. It's strange.

I have already found a replacement base that I like much better (and it's camphor-free, too), and I'm switching all my polishes over to that. In the meantime, the one other person who reported application issues said that dabbing and spreading the polish on seems to work quite well, compared to brushing it on.

illustratedlady said...

Lynae, thank you for addressing this issue for anyone who reads this post! It shows that you care and are readily available to address anything that comes your way! Personally, I LOVED the look of both polishes!

Girly Bits said...

Oh I LOVE the purple one!! Both actually, but especially the purple.

Lusty For Lacquer said...

Between Two Worlds looks amazing!