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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Haul Post!!!

I put myself on a no-buy on August 2. It only lasted through the 11th though. ANYWAYS, everything you see here is before my no buy or sent for review. :o)
So here is my haul post!   I bought my first Smitten Polishes a couple of weeks ago, and I had to get more!   
Both of these are blues and beautiful at that!  This one is Hydrangea and does remind me of the Hydrangea I had in my old yard-light blue with hints of purple or pink depending on the acidity of the dirt.
This one is called The One on the Right and W.O.W.   Look at that fuchsia!!!!!  You can buy these from her Etsy shop which is listed on my Indie tab page under Smitten Polish.
I caved and bought the 2012 Bundle Monster stamping plates!  There is an actual water marbling stamp and a gradient stamp!  You can get these on or Amazon for about $22.
My friend, Casandra, from FEVERLacquer (now known as Wishful Bath and Beauty) randomly made this gorgeous polish for her daughter, Violet.   It is called The Sky Was All Violet.
LOOK AT IT!  Just look for her shop on my indie tab link under Wishful Bed and Bath, to go to her shop.
Moment of silence please.........................................
Ok, after trying out my friend's Dior Forget Me Not, I had to have a Dior of my own.  Marnie accidentally bought two Dior Shadows and I jumped at the chance to have one!  $23 of beautiful goodness!
Look at the shimmer!  Dior's are known for their consistently great application and I can't wait to get this one on my nails!  I am told it looks somewhat like Dior Licorice, but I want that one too!
I have gotten to know Pam from Girly Bits better and we did a swap!  I think I got the better end of the deal!  Who wouldn't want to swap for some amazing Girly Bits?!  I have been trying to get my hands on hers for awhile, and I finally succeeded!
Shift Happens.  Holy cow!  I know this one is all over the internet, but I can't wait to try it!
Amy from I'm Feeling Nailventurous's post on Cosmic Ocean is what convinced me I needed it!
I had wanted this one ever since it came out before the 4th of July, and while the 4th is over, there is still Labor day and Marine Corps birthday!  (Yes, I know this is in honor of Canada, and I am also part French Canadian too!)
Star Spangled is stunning. I have seen the swatches and can't wait to put it on!
Girly Bits is also on my indie page tab.
Previously, I was not sharing polishes sent to me for review in my haul posts, but I have decided to start adding them here. It gives the polish maker more exposure and you get to see my pretties too!
Next, Starry Earth Polish was kind enough to let me review some of her polishes!  She also sent me a preview of a Halloween polish!  (Gee, I wonder which one that one is?)
 This one looks gorgeous!  It is called Lion of Valor and looks like a raspberry base with gold glitter!
 Historically Inaccurate looks to be a brown base with aqua and brown glitters.  While I am not a fan of browns, I love browns with a crazy pop of color!
 Next is Sultan's Daughter and is an aqua and white glitter...
 CHECK THIS OUT!!! Starry Earth is releasing CANDY CORN as one of her Halloween polishes!  Without having seen it out of the bottle, it looks dead on!
 If you have been around the polish block, then you know Lacquistry Polish.  I have literally spent a couple hundred dollars on Lacquistry, and her polishes are AMAZING!  My very first indie was Golf Socks and it really made an impression on me!  So, Jenna let everyone know on her Facebook page that she was going to send out replacements to anyone who had ordered certain polishes from her that had bled. This is a HUGE and expensive undertaking and I am highly impressed by her honesty and integrity.   So, this is what I got in the mail from her...
 Here are the four that she sent me...
 The new versions are amazing!  Here is I'm Not Scared, but I Think I'll Hide.  I may actually lie this one better!
 Lake Placid on Acid... This one looks almost the same to me as the original!
 Golf Socks!  My first indie ever!  This one definitely looks different. I can't wait to try it out!
 And my favorite-A Friggin' Circus.  This looks different as well. I can't wait to wear this and compare it to the original!  Thank you, Jenna!  and I can't wait until you reopen!


Jamie @ Fancy Schmancy Nails said...

Your haul is EPIC!!! I love lots of them, but I will resist (plus, Girly Bits are hard to get, so that helps!). But of course my faves are the Lacquistry polishes, and the note from THE awesome Jenna!! She's so fantastic!! :-)

Ashley @ Passion for Polish said...

OMG these are all so amazing! Now I want to go Etsy shopping, but I'm attempting a "no buy" also. *sigh*

Jacqui said...

WOW, super epic haul!!! I can't wait to see your Candy Corn swatches, that polish looks amazing. And wow, that is so awesome of Jenna to send replacements for all those polishes!! My Golf Socks had major bleeding too, I wonder if I will get a replacement!

Lacy Nylons said...

Jenna's awesome!! I hope she gets back to selling more stuff. Can't wait to get more Lacquistrys!!!