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Sunday, August 26, 2012

KB Shimmer Shipwreck over Sinful Colors Kissy and Nubar Elegant Indigo!

Well, today's post combines two beautiful polishes-one large company brand and one indie brand.  First, let me show you the large company brand. Sinful Colors Kissy is one I got when Sinful Colors had their $1 sale.  I had previously owned only two Sinful Colors.  NO MORE. This brand has consistently proven to me that they are easily on par with the higher end brands in application and creativity!
So, check out Kissy....
Kissy is an aqua-teal base with gold flecks in it.  I put on two coats and the polish went on easily and had great consistency.  I really would not expect a $1 polish to have such a gorgeous and unique color!
I loved it so much, that I did not put my indie polish over it for two days.  I did experience minor tip wear after two days, but since I generally change my polish daily, that isn't a big deal to me.
What would you possibly want to cover up such a beautiful polish with?  KB Shimmer Shipwreck!  I put two coats of Shipwreck over Kissy and it was love at first sight!
It is a green/blue jelly base with rich colored glitters in it.  It layered well and the glitter dispersed evenly.
WOW.  I mean look at it!  The depth is unreal.
I also layered Shipwreck over Nubar Elegant Indigo.  I hadn't seen it over a black based polish yet, and was curious as to what it would look like.  While I don't love it as much as I loved it over Kissy, it is still stunning.
This is also two coats of Shipwreck.  The glitter does seem to pop more over a darker base.
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You can buy from KB Shimmer by clicking HERE.  Keep an eye out for her fall collection coming out Sept. 1st!


voir-la-beaute said...

I love this combo! It looks great and so do your nails. I bought Kissy when they had their sale, but I heard it stains! I'm too scared to wear it. lol

Shannon-Lee said...

Beautiful! I'm so glad she's on Harlow and Co, so I can get these in Canada.