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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Nail Sauce-Party At Ursula's

Today I have a new indie brand to show you!  Felicia at Nail Sauce contacted me to review a couple of polishes, and after perusing her shop, I said yes!  Today's polish is called Party at Ursula's.  I have layered it over Sinful Colors Lavender (one of my 14 polishes I bought during the Sinful Colors sale.)
Party at Ursula's is a clear based polish with lavender, pink, and aqua small hexes and LARGE black hexes!  Surprisingly, the black hexes came out super easily!  I did no manipulating and what came out on the brush is what landed on my nails. So you can see that they came out in droves!  What you see here is two coats.  The base was on the thinner side if you were to compare it to other glitter polishes.  I really had no issues with it whatsoever. :o)
Here is a swatch of my first Sinful Colors polish (besides black) Lavender. It is a grey-toned smoky periwinkle.  This is two coats, and it also was thin.
Sometimes I like to swatch the glitter polishes by themselves to show you what you would be getting. Of course, you probably won't be wearing it this way, but a frustration of mine is thinking I am getting a color-based glitter and finding out too late that it is a clear base!  Below is one coat on the pinkie, two coats on the ring, and three coats on the middle.  Great coverage and larger glitters come out easily!  WIN-WIN in my book!
To buy from Nail Sauce, click HERE.
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*this polish was sent to me for an honest review*


Anonymous said...

Diffident & like it .

Jacki said...

LOVE the colors of the mini glitters. Not a huge fan of the big black ones, I'd prefer without, but looks great over that base color!

voir-la-beaute said...

Aww! So soft and purple! I agree with Jacki, the glitter is cute, but the black hex is giving off a "what doesn't belong" kind of vibe.
Love the Sinful as well!