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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Nails Inc Holland Park Plus Bonus Nail Art!

Wanna see some gorgeous, impossible to photograph, neon-berry jelly???  Um, OKAY!!!! Here is Nails Inc Holland Park (apparently not to be confused with Holland Park Road or Holland Park Avenue.  Thank you, Pointless Cafe, for pointing that out to me in your post!)  
Outside-natural light no top coat
Holland Park is a neon berry color. I will leave it up to you to decide what shade of color it is. It actually changes depending on what lighting you are in.  You will see that not one picture in this post shows the same color. LOL.  I have captioned each picture with the type of lighting used.
Inside-Ott light.  NO Top coat.
Holland Park was super finicky.  It took me FOUR TO FIVE coats to make it opaque!!!  YA, I am not kidding with you!  I was cursing this polish as I put it on and vowing to never, ever use it again. I had already planned on putting it on my blog sale, and almost quit after the second coat. Yes, it was that bad.
Inside-Ott Light.  With Top Coat
It dried to a rubbery finish, which you can see in the 1st and 2nd pictures.  When I put a top coat on, it was GAME. OVER.  I forgot all about the pain it took to get this color on my fingers, and I fell head. over. heels. in. love.  *SWOON*
Outside-natural light
LOOK AT IT!!!!  I mean, I NEVER!  I finally figured out the real meaning of "Squishy!"   It looks like I could jump head first into my nail bed and swim around! I will take the pain of applying this any day just to wear this gorgeous color again!  I would compare it to a tattoo.  Whenever I get a new tattoo; when I am in the middle of getting it, I wonder, "What am I DOING?!  This hurts. I hate it. I want to stop!  Make it stop!"  But when it is over, I forget all about the pain and just admire the amazing handiwork!  So it is with this nail polish.
Outside-natural sunlight
BONUS!!!  I said I had artwork and here it is!  I did this checkerboard pattern with some black nail polish and a bit of scotch tape.  After a few days, I was showing tip wear and wanted to freshen it up.  What do you think?
You can buy Nails Inc in a variety of places, including Sephora and the Nails Inc website.


Pointless Cafe said...

Looks gorgeous on you!

Marnie said...

This is a great color!!

casandraeileen said...

jellyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy/sorbet purple!!!!! awesome im going to need nails incbetween yours and pointless cafes posts! :)

Jacqui said...

OMg yes, that is definitely one squishy purple! Looks great on you!!