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Monday, August 6, 2012

NUBAR HOLO Goodness-Absolute and Prize

 I had so many untrieds, and I am finally catching up!  Just out of curiosity, what is a normal number for you as far as having untrieds sitting around waiting?  At what point do you start feeling a bit of panic?  I used to panic at fourteen (I know-that's ridiculously low), but now I am panicking at 50!!!  YES, I had 50 untrieds in my pile!!!  I was sweating just thinking about it, but now I am down to  CRAP.  I just counted. I have 56 untrieds. OMG. Let's start over...
HI!  I am Michelle and I am a polishaholic!  Today, I am going to show you two Nubar polishes that I have been wanting awhile-Absolute and Prize.    Absolute is a loosely scattered holo that took three coats to get this opaque and I can still see Visible Nail Line (VNL).  Arrgh!   
The holo in this is pretty, but not worth the three coats and not as strong as some other brands that sport blue holos.
Secondly, I have Nubar Prize, and what a prize she is!  This one took only two coats, and has a great holo that was hard to get my camera to focus on!  You can see the sparkle that my camera couldn't stay off of.
This one is definitely a keeper and one I will use more often!  Yay!  Another red to go in my stash.
You can buy Nubar in various places: Ninja Polish, Llarowe, and Amazon.


Missy Gnarly Gnails said...

Sheesh - I have hundreds of untrieds. I wish I could dwindle it down but even with a much lower buying habit nowadays I still end up buying more than I use it feels like. I really need to get Prize!

Jacqui said...

Wow, Prize is absolutely gorgeous! I don't have enough Nubars in my stash, I need to remedy that ASAP!

Ashley is PolishAddicted said...