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Friday, August 10, 2012

Otaku Polish-Swatches and Review

Today brings another new indie brand to show you!  Otaku Polish is nail polish "made just for anime lovers."  The first collection by Otaku Polish is called the Asuka Langley Sohryu Collection and they are all mini bottles.  The packaging is impressive. The four pack minis came in a cute little box wrapped in a red bow and bubble wrapped twice.
On the top of the box, it shows the names of the polishes directly below.  Unfortunately, the polishes themselves do not have labels, which means I had to take extra care not to mess them up in the box.
First up, is The Fiery Redhead.  The Fiery Redhead has a base of micro red and copper glitter.  Also added into the mix is some red and copper larger glitters and some aqua and gold flakies.
I layered The Fiery Redhead over Orly Grave Mistake.  I only put one layer of The Fiery Redhead.  The red and gold micro glitters really shine in this manicure!  I just wish that more blue and gold flakes had come out of the bottle.  I put one coat of Seche Vite on the top.
Here is a swatch of The Fiery Redhead on its own.  I did this, because I personally want to know what glitter polishes look like on their own.  The index finger has 1 coat, middle has 2 coats, ring has 3 coats, and the pinkie has 4.  The first coat went on smoothly and it layered fairly well on the 2nd and 3rd coats. I say fairly well, because the shard glitters did not want to lay flat.
Second, is Big Red Doll.  Big Red Doll is another red micro glitter with medium red glitters in it as well. Interspersed throughout are black and white diamonds and a few green hex glitters.
I layered Big Red Doll over Orly Grave Mistake. I love the red micro glitters as it makes the polish glow from within!  I have only 1 coat of Big Red Doll on the pinkie and 2 coats on the others.  It was very hard to layer a 2nd coat on as the larger glitters would clump on each other.  I also found I had to manipulate a few of the diamond glitters to get an amount on my nail that I wanted.  I also wished there were more of the green glitters.
Here is a close-up of Big Red Doll over Orly Grave Mistake.  While it looks great on the nail, it had the toughest application of the bunch.
Here is Big Red Doll on its own: 1 coat on the index, 2 coats on the middle, 3 coats on the ring, 4 coats on the pinkie.  While I absolutely loved the diamonds, they did NOT cooperate. On the 2nd coat, they started clumping and it got worse for the 3rd and 4th coat.  The red micro glitter also did not want to layer on itself.
Next, is my favorite of the bunch.  This is called The Yellow Dress, and has a base of micro gold glitters. It has soft blue and pink glitters and some gold and blue flakies.  There are also some larger gold hex glitters.
The Yellow Dress is layered with one coat over Pop Beauty Golden Metal.  One coat seemed like plenty as this polish is packed with gold micro glitters.   It went on a tiny bit thick, but was the smoothest of the three micro glitter polishes.
Here is The Yellow Dress on its own:  1 coat on index, 2 coats on middle, 3 coats on ring and pinkie.   1st coat went on smoothly and was just a tiny bit thick, like most glitters are.  The 2nd coat was chunky but covered really well!  I found that 3 coats was plenty for opacity and I love that the colored glitters came out evenly and laid flat.
Lastly, is Basic Thermodynamics.  Basic Thermodynamics has smaller red glitters and larger white hex glitter in a clear base.  It was clearly a top coat, so I did not do swatches of it alone.
It seemed a no-brainer to me to swatch it over Sinful Colors Black On Black.  I have one coat of Basic Thermodynamics on my pinkie and 2 coats on the other fingers.  I had thought that application on this one would be a breeze, but it was tough going.  The glitter did not want to stay on my nail in one stroke, and two strokes took all the glitter off.  With some manipulation, I was able to get the glitters to stay on.  I also had clumping issues on my middle and index fingers, but I used the brush to spread those out.
Here is a close up view of the polish.  It is a beautiful polish, if you can get through application.
To sum it up:  I had serious application issues with 3 out of 4 polishes. The Yellow Dress was hands down the best of the bunch and one that I would recommend.  Otaku Polish sells mini bottles only. They retail for $5 each.
To buy from Otaku Polish, click HERE.
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cynthia decker said...

I appreciate your thorough & detailed review! Indies are not mass produced & the differences need to be detailed so the buyer is fully aware of their uniqueness:). You did a excellent presentation & all look beautiful on your nails!

casandraeileen said...

Good to know! Hopefully they can get that fixed up :)

Love their packaging! Very professional!

Pointless Cafe said...

You did a great job! Some "issues" bother me and some don't. For instance if I know ahead of time I will have to dig for and place the glitter pieces, I may still buy it if I like it. And I won't be upset. If I don't know in advance, it spoils it for me, so I appreciate knowing! But if it's gloopy, I will probably pass and be grateful. I love The Yellow Dress!

Jacki said...

Thank you for your detailed review! I like them all but LOVE the gold. Glad to hear it was the easiest to apply!!

OtakuPolish said...

Thank you so much for your lovely, detailed reviews! I'm sorry I didn't comment sooner, I thought I had but it seems it didn't post.

I really appreciate the effort you put into this. Despite my best efforts to increase the amount of the blue flakies, because the're opalescent and sheer they're almost invisible, so while they will still sparsely be in some of the upcoming batches as I finish up the extant stock, I've taken them out of the description. I also have decided to add more gold flakies to the recipe, since those are opaque and hopefully will appear more easily. :) Thank you so much! It's easy to see why your blog is so popular, your reviews are really great! :)

Have a great day!
-Ilze Anna
Founder & Creator