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Monday, August 20, 2012

Princess Polish Holo Jellies

I loved my last Princess Polish holo jelly so much (POST HERE), that I had to buy a few more!  First up, is Orange Marmalade.  Orange Marmalade is obviously an orange jelly holo.  It took 4 coats to get it to this opacity, and I really wish it was more opaque. The VNL was a bit much for me, but maybe if you layer it over an orange it would work better!  
This jelly holo doesn't have as strong of a holo as the others, but the neon orange of it more than makes up for it!  Every time I caught a glimpse of my nails in my peripheral, I had to do a double take!  I love the color of it.
Pardon the lack of bottle shots in the next few pictures. I took these at work when I had sunshine, but no bottles.  So this one is called Blueberry Jam.  It is a GORGEOUS blue jelly and it layered well in three coats.
It has a slight linear holo and applies well.  This one is my favorite of the bunch!  I might add that these polishes held up when I was doing some plumbing work for some friends. They wore very well for me!
Mint Jelly is the green version.  It had some issues with opacity as well, and I did four coats to get it this opaque.  The holo in it is a very strong linear holo!

 Princess Polish polishes retail for $8.50. (That is a darned good deal on a holo!)  Keep an eye out for her new fall collection as well!Go "Like" Princess Polish's Facebook page for updates by clicking HERE.
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Ashley is PolishAddicted said...

I love the orange and the green so much!!!

Agia said...

Mint Jelly is gorgeous, such a shame it is not a bit more opaque :)