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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rescue Beauty Lounge Abi-GOMM Collection

Chances are that 99% of you have heard of RBL. On the off-chance that you are in that 1% and are looking questioningly at the screen, check out Ji's blog.  Ji is the owner and maker of RBL. RBL's newest collection is called the GOMM collection.  To read more about that, click HERE.  I bought my first RBL polishes when I bought this polish.  Two are from the GOMM Collection-this one and Faraway.  This one is called Abi.  Abi is a dusty olive green.  There is supposed to be a subtle shimmer to it, but I not only had a hard time capturing it, I could barely even see it with my naked eye!  
What you see here is two coats. It went on well, but for a $20 price tag, I would expect superb quality a la Butter London.  That didn't happen, but it did go on well enough!  I did love this shade of green and that is saying a lot considering I am not really a green fan.
The strength of Abi was phenomenal.  I had zero tip wear after three days!  For me that is miraculous!
Here you might be able to see the shimmer if you look closely enough and squint your eyes. :o)
After three days, I decided to extend my manicure using a stamping plate form Konad and a french tip. I am practicing my stamping skills and hope to get good enough to showcase more in the future!
On my other hand, I put flowers and bamboo!
And a little Oriental man on my thumb!
I hope you liked my first RBL!  I know I do!  To buy from Rescue Beauty Lounge, click HERE.


Lynn said...

Very pretty!! I just tried my Abi over the weekend and loved it!

Pointless Cafe said...

Love it!

Ashley is PolishAddicted said...

Love the color and the stamping!!! ♥

voir-la-beaute said...

Ahhh! I like it!

beckawoo said...

I've just come across your blog and you've done some lovely designs but i must admit im very taken by this one. Love the forest green colour with the cute stamping ontop very nice x