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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Starry Earth Swatches and Review

Today brings yet another indie brand-Starry Earth!  I have been seeing swatches of some of the Starry Earth polishes and they looked promising!  Today, I am going to show you three of her polishes.  First up, is Sultan's Daughter.  I layered one coat of Sultan's Daughter over ManGlaze ILF.  I have to say, that this was the one I was least excited about, and it ended up being my favorite!  I used 2 coats of ManGlaze and 1 coat of Sultan's Daughter.
Sultan's Daughter is an aqua blue glitter with white glitter in it as well.  The hexes come in two sizes and it came out of the bottle easily and covered evenly!  I topped it with a coat of Gelous and a coat of Seche Vite.   Gorgeous, isn't it?
Next up, is the one I thought I would love the most-Historically Inaccurate.  HI is a brown base with brown, copper and aqua glitters.  I layered it here over Cult Nails Power Thief.  The glitters had a tendency to clump at the end of the nail and I wish there were a few more aquas. the base also didn;t cover evenly enough to be worn on its own.  I happen to LOVE a brown polish with a surprise color in it, so I think with some tweaks to the formula, this could be a true winner!
You can see the potential and the issues in this closeup.
Lastly, but most definitely, not least, is Lion of Valor!   OH.MY.GOD.  I knew immediately upon seeing this one in the bottle that I would love it.  It is a delicious raspberry -colored jelly with gold and gold holo glitters in it!  The holos are so strong that they change color in the shade!  Unfortunately, I had the hardest time getting the sparkle to come through in the photos.
What you see in these two pictures is 2 coats of Nubar Prize and one coat of Lion of Valor.  I totally love this one. I had no issues with application and the glitters dispersed evenly. Actually, I found that so much glitter came out that I only needed one coat.
I really loved two of the three polishes, and the third one I could love once the formula is improved upon!  Great job, Starry Earth!   In a few days, I will be showing you an up-coming new release for the Fall Collection from Starry Earth!
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*these polishes were sent to me for an honest review*