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Sunday, September 30, 2012


Today is the last day of the 31 Day Challenge!   WOOOOOOOHOOOO!!!!  I am so relieved!  Haahaa!   Today, I have a very special post for you that was inspired by TWO tutorials!
This first one was inspired by the amazing Sarah over at Chalkboard Nails.  When I first got into nail polish, I stumbled across Chalkboard Nails' blog, and I saw her ruffle mani.  I was floored at the amazingness of that manicure and I never forgot it!   That was a year ago, that I first saw it, and today I recreated that manicure for you.  OF course, my first attempt was such a fail, that I almost quit, but Sarah and Ashley from Ashley is Polish Addicted encouraged me to keep trying. So this is my 2nd attempt.   While it isn't perfect, I was still quite happy with it.
My 2nd inspired by a tutorial is a diamond pattern that I did inspired by my friend, Jin-jit's tutorial over on her blog, Superficially Colorful.   She made it look so easy and who can't follow a simple picture tutorial?   I did take some short-cuts and it shows; but I have learned my lesson, and will not take short cuts next time!  
I hope you enjoyed my 30 days of untrieds!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

JIndie Nails Bite Me and Ultra-Violet

Today I have a couple more Jindie Nails polishes to show you!  I layered Bite Me over Nails Inc Paddington.  I did two coats of each, and Bite Me layered really well, just like every other polish I have tried of hers!
Bite Me is a mix of deep purple, red and black matte glitters.  Over the dark grey base, it reminds me of vampires!  This would make a great vampy polish!
Next, I have Ultra-Violet.  Ultra-Violet is a cream-based "milky" polish with matte lavender diamonds, hexes and hairy glitters in it.  The hairy glitters came out in droves, but I had to fish for the diamonds and hexes.  Because it is so milky, it took four coats to get it opaque.

Jindie Nails is available in her Etsy shop.
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*these polishes were sent for an honest review*


We're almost done with the 31 Day Challenge!   WOOHOOO!!!!!   This was SO MUCH work, but I really loved it and it really stretched my creativity!   
Today's theme was supernatural.  It was a no-brainer for me that since I have no freehand talent; I would dot on the words, "Just pray" on my nails.  I chose "Just pray" because I am a devoted Christian.   I have loved God since I was young, and prayer has been a major part of my life.  God has always been there for me and whenever I need anything or am in doubt of what to do, I JUST PRAY.
I was inspired by Goose's Glitter, when she did a "Color Blind Test" on her nails.  I used Milani white and black for this mani and a medium sized dotting tool.  I also used Zoya Dove for the lighter gray dots, and I mixed the black and white for the dots surrounding the "Just." 
One other reason I chose these words is because I REALLY want knuckle tattoos and these are the words I want on my knuckles!   BUT knuckle tattoos are too huge of a commitment for me to make at this time, so I opted to put it on my nails instead. :O)

Well, I hope you enjoyed today's inspiration!  Check out these girls' mani's!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Naild'It Candy Stash and Hocus Bogus from her Halloween Collection

Today, I have two polishes for you from Naild'It!  Both are part of her LE Halloween Collection, and I gave both of them away in my One Year Blogiversary Giveaway.  First up is Candy Stash.
Candy Stash is a black jelly base with multi colored and multi-shaped glitters in it.
It went on opaque in two coats, however the glitters did tend to clump together a little bit as you can see on my middle finger.  I also had minor curling of the gold bars.  This isn't the first time gold bars have curled on me, and I wonder if it might be the supplier of these....  It wasn't a big deal to me, as I just took those off the nail.  As much as I thought I would love this polish, I think I would rather have my multi-colored glitters in a clear base, since the black jelly covered over some of the glitters and made them hazy.
My 2nd Naild'It polish is Hocus Bogus.  It is a beautiful teal, pink and purple glitter polish and it has a surprise-large black hex matte glitters!
It went on easily and smoothly in one coat, and covered so well, I don't bother with two.

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*these polishes were sent to me for an honest review*


For Day 28, Inspired by a Flag, of course, I immediately reached for the good old red, white and blue!  That's right, I am a true American patriot!   I actually have three manicures to show you today.
The first one is a french manicure stamp that I did using Bundle Monster 2012-BM 325.  I also did an accent nail of red, white and blue on my ring finger. 
My 2nd manicure, I used Girly Bits Vive La Revolution over Girly Bits Roger That.  I have already posted about the beautifully holo Roger That; but Vive La Revolution has been sitting in my untried pile for awhile!   And while it is a nod to the Canadian heritage (of which I am 3/8 a part of), it certainly does have the glitters necessary to make it an American polish too!
What you see here is one coat of Vive La Revolution over two coats of Roger That.  VLR went on very smoothly and evenly like all of her polishes that I have tried.  IT is a stunningly beautiful polish!
My last polish is also a Girly Bits polish called Star Spangled.   Star Spangled is a dense micro-glitter made up of mainly blue glitters, but with some red bars thrown in there as well.   It layered really well, and was opaque in only two coats.  It did not go on overly thickly at all, and was easy to use!  AS always, I am amazed at the quality of Girly Bits polishes!
I put one coat of Gelous and a coat of Seche Vite over it.
 To buy from Girly Bits, Click HERE. Girly Bits is also available on Llarowe, Harlow & Co, and other online vendors.
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Thursday, September 27, 2012

31 DC: DAY 27: Inspired by Art-Connect the Dots.

Well, my back is still acting up, so I can't really get on the computer.  Sitting, standing and walking all hurt a lot; so laying on my back is my only real option.   I am still trying to figure out how to blog while on my back. LOL  (Right now, I am writing this laying on my stomach on my bed and I can't do it for long periods of time.)  :o/   Anywho, enough about the bad stuff, let's check out the goods!

Today's Inspired by Art manicure features Cult Nails Deal With It with Lynnderella's Connect the Dots.  I figure that Connecting the dots is a 5 year old's idea of artwork and that works for me!
I have had this Lynnderella for many months along with a few others.  YOu know, back before the drama happened.  There are some dupes of this, but in my eyes, this is only one I need!  (Okay, moving to a sitting position, so this post will be super short.)  CTD is truly amazing in my eyes. The shimmer in it is what makes it different to me, and the application is effortless-even for the larger hex pieces.
Cult Nails Deal With It is a stunning neon green with a yellow shimmer. IT is so beautiful that I will need to do a seperate post for it.  
Cult Nails can be bought off of her website.   Lynnderella can be bought off of Ebay.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


For Day 26-Inspired by a Pattern, I am really excited to show you a custom polish made for me by Naild'IT.   I have been trying to get the perfect camouflage polish and none of the ones out there were doing it for me.  I had this idea in my head for a long time of what I wanted and I could never find it!  I had this idea that maybe Andrea from Naild'It might be able to pull it off, since she makes polish based off of dandelions, sunflowers and watermelons.  I WAS RIGHT!    After several back and forths, and I few prototypes, she came up with this winner!
I named it "Real Women Wear Camo,"  because I was in the Marine Corps and I am not a fan of pink clothing.  I love camo and wore it for four years.   THIS polish completely depicts the Marine Corps cammie uniform. 
What you see is three coats of Real Women Wear Camo with a matte top coat. It is an olive green base with brown, green, and black matte glitters.   There are also micro glitters as well.  I love the hexes and squares she put in there!   This polish is the awesomest polish EVER!   And Naild'It really nailed it!

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To buy from Naild'It's Etsy shop, click HERE.  Llarowe will soon be carrying Naild'It as well!  Check Naild'It's Facebook page for updates on that.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

31 DC: DAY 25: Inspired by Fashion-Oopsie Daisies

Today's post is going to be super short.  I slipped some discs in my lower back yesterday morning and every position I am in hurts really bad!   So, I think I need to go lay down and watch tv, rather than be on the computer like I normally am!  
Today is Day 25-Inspired by Fashion.  I fyou haven't figured it out by now, I have no free hand skills, so I am going to show you another indie that happens to have a fashion name-Oopsie Daisies' Soldier of Fashion.  This polish is insanely beautiful!  It is a teal jelly polish with green and blue and teal glitters in it.  
I lused three coats of polish and it looks like you could swim in it!  It has depth and beauty and I couldn't get enough!  I stared at it all day long. :o)  I had no issues with application.  IT went on smoothly, and the glitters dispersed evenly.  Although neither of these pictures are in the sun, you should see how it sparkles in the sun!  This is a must have, and Oopsie Daisies is definitely proving to me that she knows her polish stuff!  I am hooked!
LIKE her Facebook page for updates.Check out my friends' manicures for flower day:

Monday, September 24, 2012

31 DC: DAY 24: A BOOK: Jindie Nails Water 4 Elephants

     Day 24 brings to us a polish inspired by a book.  Now, you probably expected me to whip out my nonexistent freehand skills and draw a 1000 page book on my nails.   NO.  I was super lucky that I had a polish by Jindie Nails that is titled after a book!   
     Water 4 Elephants is a book about a vet who becomes a traveling vet for circus animals. It turns out that the animals are being abused by one of the trainers and one of the animals is an elephant named Rosie.
     Jindie Nails' Water 4 Elephants is a stunning grey jelly-based polish with varying sizes and shapes of aqua-blue and some aqua-green glitter.  
This has turned out to be my most favorite of Jindie's far.   I used three coats to make it opaque and the glitters came out very smoothly and dispersed evenly. What you see is what you get. I did not need to manipulate the glitters in any way.
I decided to matte my index and ring fingers for fun...
I loved this polish so much that after swatching about 15 polishes one Saturday, I put this one back on! Here are the photos of the actual mani I wore for a few days.
If you are new to my blog, then let me tell you about my deep love for grey polishes and grey polishes with a crazy glitter color in them!  I MUST HAVE THEM ALL!   There really aren't that many out there unfortunately.  :o(  This one fits the bill to a tee. The aqua colors in it are the perfect touch to this grey jelly. I am stunned and happily surprised by the ease of use of all of Jindie Nails polishes!
I apologize for the picture spam, but I HAD to. Water 4 Elephants demanded the attention!
I still have two more of her polishes yet to review, so stay tuned!

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*these polishes were sent for an honest review*

Sunday, September 23, 2012

31 DC: DAY 23: Inspired by a Movie-Nailvenurous!

I am cheating again.  Instead of nail art, I have an indie brand.  (You may have heard of her, LOL) Nailventurous, who has made a beautiful polish called Joker!  It seemed only fitting, that since I am a huge lover of indie brands, that I show off this beauty!  
 Joker is a purple jelly that is filled with large lime green and lavender hexes and smaller purple, blue and lavender hexes.  It went on very smoothly and the glitter dispersed very evenly.  I used three coats to get it to the purple hue that is in the bottle, although two coats would have been fine!
 This polish definitely captures the spirit of The Joker and reminds me of that funny suit he wore with the question marks all over it!
Nailventurous is no longer selling her polishes, but you can find a few of her polishes made with her blessing over at Ninja Polish.  She also has a fantastic blog that I have been following now for a year-I'm Feeling Nail-venturous.  Go check her out!

Saturday, September 22, 2012


"Woooah-o-o. Tainted Love. Woooah-o-o.  Tainted Love.  DON'T TOUCH ME PLEASE! I CAN NOT STAND THE WAY YOU TEASE!  I LOVE YOU THOUGH YOU HURT ME SO.  NOW I'M GONNA PACK MY THINGS AND GO!  Woooah-o-o. Tainted Love. Woooah-o-o.  Tainted Love."
Today I have three nail polishes for you created by Jindie Nails that are named after songs.  Quite ironic, considering today is "Inspired by a Song Day" in the 31 Day Challenge!   And yes.  You guessed it!  This first one is called Tainted Love.  The original song came out in 1981 by Soft Cell.  That decade was the epitome of neon colors.  This polish does a fantastic job of depicting the 80's.  The base is an off-white cream and there are small matte neon pink, yellow and black glitters.   There are also some large black matte hearts in it as well.
I had never used Jindie Nails' polishes before, so I had no idea what to expect.   Would it be lumpy? Would it be smooth? Let me tell you that I was thrilled to find that I had almost no issues with Tainted Love!  The cream base layered easily and the smaller glitters came out evenly and there were plenty of them!  My one issue was trying to get some black hearts out of the bottle.  I had to dip and dip to find them and then place them on my nail.   Quite frankly, it was worth it!  I loved this polish and it kept that darned song in my head all day!

For the 2nd song-inspired polish by Jindie Nails, I used a base coat of Sinful Colors Secret Admirer.  I love this for base coats as it is not quite black and has some sparkly interest!  This is two coats of Secret Admirer.
You're Gonna Love Me was originally sung by Jennifer Holiday in 2006.  It has since been sung by many musical artists.  When I first saw this glitter polish,  I thought it was just okay.  When I put that first brush stroke on, I quickly changed my tune!  You're Gonna Love Me is a clear based polish with a variety of pink, red, and purple shades of glitter in various shapes. I even saw squares in it!  (See pinkie.)
This polish gave me absolutely no issues. It went on easily, the glitters laid flat, and they came out in droves!  I only used one coat for each nail.  I ended up loving this so much, I put it on my toes!
Jindie was right in naming this polish, because I DO love you!  I do!
This next one is called Smells Like Green Spirit.  It is my favorite of the three!  An obvious spoof of the original song by Nirvana, called Smells Like Teen Spirit, SLGS is a jelly polish after my own heart.  It is a muted green jelly with springtime colored glitters in it!  I used three coats to get it this opaque.
I had zero issues with this polish as well!   The jelly layered beautifully and the glitters spread out with no manipulation.  Most jellies would take three coats to become opaque, so that is expected.
I am thrilled and in love with all three of these polishes and I am a new fan of Jindie Nails!  I do have one critique, however; not just for Jindie but for other indies as well.   I had seen Jindie Nails on Etsy for awhile. Unfortunately, I didn't pay close attention to her shop, because there were only bottle shots or closeups of the glitter as the main shot.  I couldn't tell what the polish was going to look like with a super macro shot of glitter.  If you are an indie polish owner, please use swatch photos as your main shot!  All this time, I could have been enjoying Jindie Nails polishes and I wasn't!  These are fantastic, but there is no way I could tell that by the photos.  Hopefully, this helps. :o)
Jindie Nails is available in her Etsy shop.
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*these polishes were sent for an honest review*

Thursday, September 20, 2012

31 DC: DAY 21: INSPIRED BY COLOR: An Ode to Grey

Doing a manicure that is inspired by color is crazy!  There are so many colors to choose from; how does one choose?  I noticed that I have quite the collection of grey glitter polishes, and a lot of indies don't really make grey glitter polishes.   So, I thought I would do a grey glitter post!
First up in my untrieds is Pahlish Sitting In A Tin Can.  This is three coats and it went on rather thickly and some dabbing of the larger glitters was required.  I love the white diamond hexes and the black sqaures though!  Aren't they great?!
Next is HazeGlaze Texas Walrus.  This is a gorgeous deep grey jelly with gold hexes and green diamonds and smaller gold and green hexes.   This is four coats and it was hard to build up, and I had to manually maneuver the larger pieces, but it was worth it!
Next, is Alter Ego Biker Chick.  This one is a lighter grey (shown over Zoya Dove)  with black diamonds, white bars, and smaller various shapes and sizes of glitter. It dries satin, but here I matte top coated it. This polish is a tad thick, but easy to apply. Alter Ego's polish bases tend to separate, but within seconds of shaking, they are back to normal!
KB Shimmer Elle was one of my monthly favorite polishes!  It is a a lighter grey jelly base with rose pink glitters and silver glitters mixed in.  It goes on easily in about 3 coats.  This is one of my favorite glitter polishes.
I would  be remiss if I din't mention an oldie.  Nina Ultra-pro Glamrock.  This and Purple X-ing were my very first glitter polishes one year ago.  Glamrock makes it super easy to wear, being almost a one coater, but I put two anyway.   Glides right on with no issues!
My last glitter polish needed a base coat and coincidentally both are untried.  The base coat is Color Club Revvolution.  I know this has been around awhile, but I just got my hands on it in a blog sale.  I did not know this was a one-coater!
I layered Lynnderella's Mercury's Rainbow over it.  Honestly, when I put it on at my desk, I thought, "What's the big deal?"   When I went outside in the sun, however; I figured it out real quick!
I am not a fan of the woman, but this polish does amazing things in the sun!
This is one coat over Color Club Revvolution.
I hope you liked my grey glitter color inspiration!   Check out everyone else's inspiration below...