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Saturday, September 1, 2012

31 DAY CHALLENGE(DC): DAY 1-RED=P&P Oh Antonio and Monster Lacquer Black Magic

As a very spur-of the moment decision, I decided TODAY to participate in the 31 Day Challenge!  I hadn't planned on doing it as I have several nail polish-related obligations already, BUT I am a great multi-tasker and I love a challenge!  Below is a copy of the 31 day Challenge, courtesy of Chalkboard Nails...
Day 1 is RED.  I won't say I hate red, but I dislike it a lot.  It is almost all I wore when I was a nail muggle and now it bores me to tears.  In the 81 untrieds I have sitting on my desk, only two were red.
Here is one of them:  Pretty and Polished's Oh Antonio.  
I bought this off of Copious with credit, and the reason I bought it is because I love many of Pretty and Polished's polishes.  This one is no exception-other than the red. LOL.  It went on flawlessly in two coats.  There is a gentle red shimmer in the polish that lights up in the sun.  It definitely leans more burgundy and would be great for Christmas.
Of course, I wanted to spice it up some and added a fantastic new indie glitter to it-Monster Lacquer's upcoming Halloween polish called Black Magic!  Monster Lacquer is brand new on the indie scene, but I have had the pleasure of trying four of her polishes, and they are no joke.  Black Magic has orange bars (that had NO curl), black "hairy" glitter, and purple shards.  This was all in a clear base and so well suspended, I did NO SHAKING before using.  The base was thinner than most indie glitters, which I believe tend to run thick.  There was also so much glitter in the first stroke, that I did not dip my brush back in the bottle for the first THREE nails!  AMAZING!
Here is a bottle shot of Black Magic.  The glitter is so well-suspended that it needed no shaking and was evenly dispersed throughout the entire bottle.
Pretty and Polished can be bought when Chelsea opens her Etsy site back up. 
She is also being sold on Llarowe with more polishes having been added!
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Monster Lacquer is sold on Etsy. Click HERE to go to her shop! Use code: MONSTER for 20% off through Sept. 8!!!
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*Black Magic was sent for an honest review*

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Debbie Crumpet said...

fabulous combo, but very bad planning to only decide to do the challenge today lol mwahahahahahahahha xx