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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

31 DC: DAY 19: GALAXY NAILS. My sad attempt.

I'm rather embarrassed to show you my first and ver sad attempt at galaxy nail art.  I was doing great until I started dotting!   Anyways, I have never done galaxy nails, and I had no desire to do it, until this challenge forced me to learn.  I asked for help in a nail group, and my friend Kim gave me a link to an easy video tutorial at The Daily Nail.  I watched it and thought "piece of cake!"  And it was-until I did the dotting and realized later that all my dots were HUGE.   And my "star" was so stupid looking that I only did the one. :o)  You can thank me later.
THEN, I messed up my manicure as I was trying to get a nice line around my nail. :o(  oh well. Nobody's perfect!   The nebula part of my mani turned out spectacular and all that was was a bunch of sponging which I plan on trying again in the future!
Polishes used:
Base: Sinful Colors Secret Admirer
Nebula: Sinful Fig, Pull Over, Exotic Green, and Ocean Side
Hope you enjoyed!  Check out some real galaxies below!


becky smith said...

The mix of the colors underneath look really nice, i've never give galaxy nail art a try i think it look a bit awkward and time consuming. But good on you for giving it a go even though you wasn't that into it x

Patricia Knetzer said...

I think you did a great job!! I have yet to try galaxy nails. It looks daunting :|