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Saturday, September 22, 2012


"Woooah-o-o. Tainted Love. Woooah-o-o.  Tainted Love.  DON'T TOUCH ME PLEASE! I CAN NOT STAND THE WAY YOU TEASE!  I LOVE YOU THOUGH YOU HURT ME SO.  NOW I'M GONNA PACK MY THINGS AND GO!  Woooah-o-o. Tainted Love. Woooah-o-o.  Tainted Love."
Today I have three nail polishes for you created by Jindie Nails that are named after songs.  Quite ironic, considering today is "Inspired by a Song Day" in the 31 Day Challenge!   And yes.  You guessed it!  This first one is called Tainted Love.  The original song came out in 1981 by Soft Cell.  That decade was the epitome of neon colors.  This polish does a fantastic job of depicting the 80's.  The base is an off-white cream and there are small matte neon pink, yellow and black glitters.   There are also some large black matte hearts in it as well.
I had never used Jindie Nails' polishes before, so I had no idea what to expect.   Would it be lumpy? Would it be smooth? Let me tell you that I was thrilled to find that I had almost no issues with Tainted Love!  The cream base layered easily and the smaller glitters came out evenly and there were plenty of them!  My one issue was trying to get some black hearts out of the bottle.  I had to dip and dip to find them and then place them on my nail.   Quite frankly, it was worth it!  I loved this polish and it kept that darned song in my head all day!

For the 2nd song-inspired polish by Jindie Nails, I used a base coat of Sinful Colors Secret Admirer.  I love this for base coats as it is not quite black and has some sparkly interest!  This is two coats of Secret Admirer.
You're Gonna Love Me was originally sung by Jennifer Holiday in 2006.  It has since been sung by many musical artists.  When I first saw this glitter polish,  I thought it was just okay.  When I put that first brush stroke on, I quickly changed my tune!  You're Gonna Love Me is a clear based polish with a variety of pink, red, and purple shades of glitter in various shapes. I even saw squares in it!  (See pinkie.)
This polish gave me absolutely no issues. It went on easily, the glitters laid flat, and they came out in droves!  I only used one coat for each nail.  I ended up loving this so much, I put it on my toes!
Jindie was right in naming this polish, because I DO love you!  I do!
This next one is called Smells Like Green Spirit.  It is my favorite of the three!  An obvious spoof of the original song by Nirvana, called Smells Like Teen Spirit, SLGS is a jelly polish after my own heart.  It is a muted green jelly with springtime colored glitters in it!  I used three coats to get it this opaque.
I had zero issues with this polish as well!   The jelly layered beautifully and the glitters spread out with no manipulation.  Most jellies would take three coats to become opaque, so that is expected.
I am thrilled and in love with all three of these polishes and I am a new fan of Jindie Nails!  I do have one critique, however; not just for Jindie but for other indies as well.   I had seen Jindie Nails on Etsy for awhile. Unfortunately, I didn't pay close attention to her shop, because there were only bottle shots or closeups of the glitter as the main shot.  I couldn't tell what the polish was going to look like with a super macro shot of glitter.  If you are an indie polish owner, please use swatch photos as your main shot!  All this time, I could have been enjoying Jindie Nails polishes and I wasn't!  These are fantastic, but there is no way I could tell that by the photos.  Hopefully, this helps. :o)
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*these polishes were sent for an honest review*


Jindie Nails said...

Wow! Love your review! This whole time, I was thinking the macro shots were better! I am gonna change that asap :)! Thank you so much!!!

Bénédicte said...

I placed an order because of you!!! Ahah ♥