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Monday, September 3, 2012

31 DC: DAY 3-YELLOW=Sinful Colors Unicorn!

DAY 3:  YELLOW.  Yellow?  Well, I had better luck finding yellows in my untrieds than I did reds. LOL.  Here is Sinful Colors Unicorn.  I used three thick coats, simply because it was hard to get thin coats with this polish. It was somewhat streaky, but not too bad.  As you can see, it dries beautifully.    This happens to prove why yellow and I don't work well together. It just looks funny on my skin tone! 
Here is a sun shot.  This reminds me of bananas and post it notes!   Stay tuned for this color again on DAY 7!!!!


rebecca said...

I just bought this color. And I totally hear you on yellow making your skin look funny. I have nail colors that I bought to go with an outfit that look funny on my hands. But, the color look ok near my face. I am hoping this one will be ok since I have a night light yellow shirt I look good in. High hopes!

Tracey ODowd said...

This is the only yellow polish that I own....and you're right, it's the exact color of a posty note.

Griele said...

I almost used this color today as well. It looks great!