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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

31 DC: DAY 4-GREEN=Monster Lacquer's Jaded

DAY 4: GREEN!  I knew right away which polish to show you for Green day!  I had a ton of greens to show, but I wanted to show you Monster Lacquer's Jaded.  Jaded is a shimmery mint green with micro gold flecks in it.  It goes on somewhat thickly, but nothing a little thinner or careful polishing won't fix.  What you see her is two coats.
Here is Jaded in the sun.  The sparkle from the gold glitter is a nice touch.
This polish went on fairly easily, but was a tad thick.  The gold shimmer had sunk to the bottom of my bottle, so I did spend a few minutes shaking it to get the glitter to suspend.  It didn't matter; the glitter came out of the bottle easily anyway!  I thought for sure there would be VNL, because of the translucency of the polish, but I was wrong!  NO VNL HERE!
Here is a bottle shot of the polish!  Mine doesn't have a label. I think it was missed. :o)

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*This polish was sent for an honest review*


ScarsLikeLace said...

This is a really beautiful color! I love how delicate and pretty it is!

becky smith said...

such a lovely colour x