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Saturday, September 15, 2012


Delicate Print done MY WAY!  I used Milani's black and white for this manicure and they did a great job! They actually do dry fast, so I wasn't waiting around forever for my nails to dry before stamping!  I also used one of my BM plates from the 2012 series.  Some might think that stamping is the easy way out, but my stamping skills suck!  So, I find this to be a great time to practice!  Of course, my freehand skills are not there at all, so it is either stamping or a horror show on my nails!
I did my ring finger in opposing colors, and I love how this turned out!
I hope you enjoyed today's short post!  Stay tuned for tomorrow's Tribal Print!


Patricia Knetzer said...

I love this!! Makes me want to whip that stamp out :D

Heather Michal said...

This is absolutely beautiful! I love it!