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Saturday, September 8, 2012

31DC: DAY 8: Metallic-Color Club and Stamping!

Out of over 200 polishes, I only own three metallics.  One I bought yesterday.   The two I am showing you today, I bought of of a blog sale!  They also happen to be my first color Club polishes as well!  First is Color Club Metamorphosis.  It is a metallic green polish that flashes pink in the bottle.  Good luck translating that to the nail though!I did three coats to get it opaque and then I stamped using one of my BM 2012 stamping plates! 
Here is a better picture in the shade...  I love the "&" symbol!
 And here is a close up!  I am still trying to perfect my stamping skills.
My favorite metallic of the two is Color Club Sky High. It is so gorgeous!  I used three coats to get this opaque as well.  It is a vibrant, rich metallic blue that shimmers and flashes on the nail!  It is so gaudy and eye-catching!  This one actually captures the shimmery pink that shows so well in the bottle.  You can see glimpses of it in this picture.
 I stamped again with a 2012 BM plate.  On this hand, I used the number plate and some four-pointed stars.
 Thank you for stopping by and check out these girls' metallic mani's as well!

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ThePaintedPony said...

This looks so pretty! I have the saaaame problem with metallics - tons of polish, so few metallics. I don't love them alone but I have found that I actually am a pretty big fan when they are combined in stamping and gradients and other nail art ideas. Sky High is a really gorgeous shade, I might have to add it to my growing metallic collection!