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Friday, September 14, 2012

Can't Stop. Won't Stop. My Polish Haul!

HI!!!!  I figured I better show you my haul, since it seemed to be getting out of control!  
First, I have the three Sinful Colors I bought when they did the 99 cent sale at Walgreens!
Sinful Hot Wired, Amethyst, and Slate 
Then, I got these in a swap with my friend Marnie, fellow blogger from Nubbins 4 Nails.  We live in the same town and actually went to jr high together, so we went to the Walgreens sale together as well!
Color Club unnamed (smoky lavender color), Nails Inc Paddington, Pure Ice Frosted Ice Silver Bullet
I wanted to do a rainbow nail for rainbow day using only Milani polishes since they had been sent to me for review, but I had no green.  So that is why I bought this one!  See my rainbow nails HERE.
Milani Neon Fresh Teal
These next polishes are all in my giveaway. (CLICK HERE TO ENTER!)  The Nail Junkie was generous enough to send me her beautifully soft Violet.  Two of the mini Sea Lore's I bought and she was kind enough to send me Adella for free!
Since I hadn't tried either of these indies, I wanted to try them before giving them away!  They do not disappoint!  Make sure you enter my giveaway!  It ends the 18th. :o)
The Nail Junkie Lavender, Sea Lore Adella, Aquata, and Attina
NINJA POLISH'S HOUSE BRAND.  These gorgeous polishes are made by the Ninja herself.  Handmade in her home by her, I bought all three of these!  You can view my swatch post HERE!
Ninja Polish Alexandrite, Zultanite, and Color-Changing Garnet
Milani was kind enough to send me my first polishes from a large company to review!  They did not skimp!
Milani Black, White, Hot Pink Frenzy, Jiffy Orange
And these!
Milani Rapid Cherry, Jiffy Orange, Yellow Whiz, High Tech, and Violet Dash
When Oopsie Daisies asked me to review, I said yes.  And then fell in love!  I bought these beauties from her website.  They are made the way I love my glitters-opaque, jelly and with just enough coordinating glitters!  See my post on the green one HERE.
 OH NO!!!!  This next picture is blurry!  :o(    Red Dog Designs is the new kid on the block; but she has experience backing her! She kindly sent me these two to review.  You can find swatches of her polishes done by several bloggers. One is Pointless Cafe.  You can find that post HERE.   I also received a gorgeous SoFlaJo halloween mini to review!  This is called The True Death from the Terrified Collection.  My review of that one is HERE.
 Today, I received six mini polishes from Jindie Nails to review. I am very pleasantly surprised by the bottle shots of these!  I can't wait to review them!  Smells Like Green Spirit looks like it might be a favorite along with Water 4 Elephants!
Smells Like Green Spirit, Bite Me!, Tainted Love.
 Honestly, they are all cute!  I am quite curious how they will turn out on my nails.
Jindie Nails: You're Gonna Love Me, Water 4 Elephants, Ultra-Violet.
Naild'It.   Ya, I knew her when.... :o)   Naild'It will also be sold on Llarowe in the very near future! Andrea sent me my giveaway prize from my giveaway I talked about earlier. (GO ENTER!)  On the left is an extra she sent me called Hocus Bogus.  And then two of Candy Stash-one for my giveaway and one for me!  These are both from her Halloween collection!
Well, that's it until tomorrow's mail comes. LOL.   Hope you enjoyed!


rebecca said...

I got polish overload at the MIlani's. Haha! What a haul!

Patty said...

You appear to have the same problem as me. I have to order polish from every Indie shop and others. I'm never satisfied. My husband said the same thing to me as your husband. My last interest was don't want to know how much gorgeous Indie yarn I have. :)