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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ninja Polish Facets Collection

HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS!  Today, I am going to overload you with multi-chrome goodness in the form of Ninja Polish's own Facet's Collection!  This trio of beauties share the same features:  multi-chrome base and multi-chrome glitter!
ALEXANDRITE:  This is by far my favorite!  Alexandrite has a shimmer that runs green to blue to violet.  I layered one coat over Milani Black.  The polish goes on smoothly and I must tell you that Ninja Polish did not skimp on the brush.  There is an extra-wide brush that covered most of my nail. It was a dream to work with!
Pardon me for the picture spam.  I took over 100 pictures of these three polishes and finally narrowed it down to twenty.  Catching a multi-chrome is like catching a hummingbird-you want to capture every detail before you let it go!  (No, I've never caught a hummingbird!  Only on camera!) Below, you can see the violet is most prevalent with the teal sparkling on the outer edges.
At an extreme angle, the violet really shines!
I kept this picture purely for artistic purposes. :o)
In the sun, Alexandrite really shows off her emerald green!
In this close-up you can see the glitter sparkle.
And one last look under artificial light in my light box.
ZULTANITE:  Zultanite's multi-chrome features the changing into brown, gold and olive green.
This one was the hardest for me to capture, but hopefully you get the idea.  The main color here is brown, but in the sunlight you can see the green and gold color changes.  Like Alexandrite, I used only one coat over black.  Application was the same for all three-perfect.
Zultanite will be a great fall/holiday polish!  It has that perfect earthen glitz that Thanksgiving and fall leaves brings to mind.
Here you can see the olive green, which happens to be my favorite color in this polish!  I love the change from brown to green!
One last look before we move on to the last polish in this trio...
COLOR-CHANGING GARNET:  This one is very close to being my favorite.  It reminds me of a play on Max Factor Fantasy Fire.  The difference being that Color-Changing Garnet has multi-chrome glitters!  The glitters give them that multi-dimensional appearance that sets them apart from your average multi-chrome.
The obvious colors on display here are burnt orange (almost red), gold, and olive green.  This polish loved to play with my camera and I had fun taking pictures of it!  Below, you can see the burnt orange and I even see hints of pink there!  Do you?
Here, we have the yellow-gold with the burnt orange...
At an extreme angle, the olive green wants to make an appearance.
At this angle it almost appears emerald green!
Check this out!  A yummy coppery orangish red!  OH MY!
This blurred out photo shows the hints of pink I saw previously!  I also love how the pinkie nail looks blackened around the edges.
To sum it up, I LOVE these polishes!  The bottles, the creativity, the quality are all top-notch!  This is my first buy from Ninja Polish-both the store and the polish brand- and I can tell you that I am SOLD!  Now, go click on the links to buy the trio for yourself!
Buy here:  Ninja Polish
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Rebecca Lavender-Roberts said...

Snap! I had these same 3 just arrive 10 minutes ago. I haven't had time to try them yet, just ran outside to check the bottles in the sun :)

Deneen Smith said...

I HAVE to get these!!!!

Ashley is PolishAddicted said...

SO gorgeous!! Great pics!! ♥

nevjn said...

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Jessica's Nail Tales said...

Oh lordy I need this APAS!

Jamie @ Fancy Schmancy Nails said...

I got all 3 too since I couldn't decide on just 1 or 2! Gorgeousness!

voir-la-beaute said...


The Lacquer Tracker said...

Fantastic- and I really like the price point for these. Good stuff!