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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dior Shadow-WOW.

Today is an epic day for me.  I am posting about my first purchased Dior.  The night before I flew to PA to visit my niece, I asked some nail friends which nail polish I should wear that would last me several days without chipping.  It was a resounding cry for Dior Shadow!  
Dior Shadow is a blackened purple with purple shimmer.   The $24 price tag on these is-dare I say- WORTH EVERY PENNY.  The brush is flat with an oval shape on the end. It is wide and very well made.  The first stroke I put on my pinkie made me draw in my breath!  One stroke covered perfectly my entire pinkie.  NO clean up. No mess up. Perfect line around the cuticle. AMAZING.
I admit it took a couple of nails to get used to the quality and width of the brush, but I got used to it QUICK.  I used two coats and got even, perfect coverage.
The blackened purple alone is enough to make me buy this polish, but the shimmer in it is the mother lode!  It is what makes this polish special!  I will admit, I have had a hard time committing to buying Dior.  The colors I have seen usually have a dupe I can get for less.  Having tried a Dior, I am head over heels in love with the quality and the brush! As long as it is a unique color, I have no problem paying the price for quality like this!
Sorry for the spam of pictures, but I edited so many out, it felt like a sin to leave out these!
Dior can be bought many places!, Amazon, Ebay, and the larger department stores all carry Dior.  They retail for $24 each.

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Ashley is PolishAddicted said...

See, you should always listen to me. ;) Looks great on you!