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Friday, October 12, 2012

Hot Mess Lacquers-Across the Trailer Park

Hot Mess Lacquers is a new-to-me indie.  I had been eyeballing her polish on Etsy, but one day I had a credit on Copious for $10, and I thought it was the perfect way to try this brand risk-free!  Needless to say, the risk was worth the reward!  This gorgeous beauty is called Across the Trailer Park.  The name is awesome!  (One polish is called Aquanet!) The polish is even better!  It is a teal blue jelly base with green and blue glitters and micro-fine blue glitters.  
3 coats and in the shade.
I used three coats on its own and it was still not as opaque as I would have liked it.  The last picture here is taken with four coats and in my Ottbox. The only way you could still see the translucency is in the sun.
3 coats and outside
I had no real issues with this polish at all aside from that.  It went on easily, layered decently, and the glitter built up nicely.  I have a real thing for these jelly glitters and she has more in her shop that I want to check out!
FOUR COATS and taken in my Ottbox
Hot Mess Lacquers polishes retail for $9 each.
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Essie Rae iheartprettypolish said...

Funny. I posted this one yesterday and so did another person I follow. It must be Across the Trailer Park theme! :) Great swatches.

Claire @ nuthinbutanailthing said...

Oh that is a gorgeous glitter <3

April Croft said...

Aww that's sooo pretty! :D I'm gonna save up some money and go crazy on Indies someday :)

Lizzy O. said...

I got some of her beauties on copious. Nice brand.

This look spectacular. Loving the glitter.