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Sunday, October 21, 2012

I'm Up to My Eyeballs in Polish-Haul Post!

 It's been some time since I posted a haul post, and they have been adding up, I tell you!  Some are missing because I have used them already. Oops.
First up, is my first Takko Lacquers polish! This one is called Kaleidescope Eyes.

Next is Dandy Nails!  I ordered three from her-Mighty Fine Print, which I already wore, Hands Of Time and Eager Eyes.
Dandy Nails Hands of Time and Eager Eyes
 Next is a swap I did with my friend, Hazel.  I got a long-time lemming-RBL Aqualily.  I also got Deep Blue Seeing and Butter London Teetotal.
RBL Aqua Lily, Lynnderella Deep Blue Seeing, and Butter London Teetotal
 One indie brand I love that flies under the radar is Alter Ego. Cynthia makes great polishes and I had to order more! I can't wait to try these!
Prize Fighter, Limelite Lover, Penny Pincher, and Savors Strawberrys

 I had to take advantage of Butter London's sale and I got these BL's plus a matte top coat that isn't in the picture.
Bluey, Wallis and All Hail the Queen
I bought my first Enchanted Polish duo!  This indie is one of several that I have wanted to buy from but just haven't gotten to yet!  I love duo chromes and these promise to be amazing!
Enchanted Polish Across the Universe and Hey Jude
Another indie I just purchased from is Elixir Lacquers. Anyone who loves pit bulls as much as I do, gets my support!  A portion of the proceeds of the polishes in the Luv-A-Bully Collection will benefit the Atlanta Bully Shelter.
Elixir LAcquers Smoky Coat, Blue Coat, Red Nose
 Here are my first two Illamasqua's!  I went to Sephora with my BFF and I bought these two beauties!
Illamasqua Phallic and Prosperity
 Jindie Nails!!!  I love her and I love her polishes!  I bought the blogger package and here are my three full-sized polishes.  All I know is just by looking at the bottle, I am going to fall in love with Guns and Roses!
Jindie Nails Guns & Roses, Zomboy, Put a Ring On It
Here are the two mini's I requested...
Jindie Nails Talk 2 the Hand and Femme Fatale
Check out their side profile!
 And then she surprised me with part of her Santa Claws Collection which will be on sale Nov 1!!!
 These look like the usual Jindie glitter explosion!  Except there is a blue holo in the collection too!  WOOHOO!
Holly, Candy Cane, Santa Claws, Blue Blue Xmas
 I did a group order in a nail group from Pam at Girly Bits. I ordered these three beauties!!!
Girly Bits Arctic Sunrise, Boo-berry, and Indian Summer
And she surprised us all with an extra!!!  You will find out more about this happy accident turned polish when I post about it!
Girly Bits Sofa King Messy!
You can find the links to the indie polish shops on my indie polish page at the top of my blog!

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Amanda said...

Wow! Great hauls. Can't wait to see the Girly Bits :)