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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Lacquistry Remakes: Golf Socks and I'm Not Scared...

I have two more Lacquistry remakes for you today.  The short story is that Jenna from Lacquistry found issues in earlier polishes and remade them and sent them out to anyone who had bought them directly from her.
 The original Golf Socks was my first indie polish. In the original, I layered it over Essie Mesmerized.  It was also my first introduction to two different colored glitters in a polish!  Jenna was doing it when no one else was! the original had mainly micro-glitters in its base with larger gold and bronze and blue large hex glitters.
ORIGINAL Golf Socks over Essie Mesmerized
The new version of Golf Socks is a more vibrant blue than the old version and is a blue jelly base.  
Unlike the first one, which I layered over something, this one is on its own.  It has a mixture of large, medium and small orange and blue glitters. There are a lot more larger glitters in the new version.  I used three coats and it wasn't quite opaque, but it passed for me.  I love this one more than the first one, which is a shocker.  I really loved the first one.
I'm Not Scared, But I Think I'll Hide is a great Halloween polish.  I bought this at the end of 2011, and had layered the original over ManGlaze Mink Mitten and Butt Taco.  It had a clear base coat and mainly micro glitters of purple, black, and orange with some larger hex glitters thrown in.
The remake is a clear base also with orange and purple micro glitters making up the base, but with a generous amount of orange, silver, and purple larger glitters added.  There is also a surprise of small black hexes as well. I layered it over Milani Black Swift here.
It was incredibly dense and I only needed one coat for these pictures!  It is obvious to me that the remakes are the resounding winners for all four of the polishes I have from Lacquistry!
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~*~Jens Wonderland~*~ said...

I should get Golf screams Bears fan...

Chantel said...

Gorgeous nail polishes!!