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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Maya Cosmetics-The Aequilibrium Collection

     Today is the GRAND OPENING of Maya Cosmetics!  If you haven't read my interview with Maya Cosmetics, click HERE to read it and see bottle shots of her polishes.  For every bottle bought in October,  $1 per polish will be split between Wounded Warriors and Fisher House.  
Tranquillis, Ignis, Glacies
     I am going to kickstart my reviews of her collection with one of her two Limited Edition collections-The Aequilibrium Collection.  The Aequilibrium Collection consists of three polishes: Tranquillis, Ignis, and Glacies.
     Tranquillis is the Latin word for Tranquility.   This polish is a greenish-blue polish with ultra-fine copper and green shimmer.  I used three thin coats to make it opaque. The first coat may look streaky, but it layers beautifully.  This polish needs to dry a bit before layering another coat on top. Tranquillis is stunning in the light, but proved to be near impossible to capture on camera. 
Tranquillis in the shade
Here is a close-up.  You can see the fine copper and green shimmer in the base.
Tranquillis in a light box
This is the closest I could get to capturing the amazingness of Tranquillis!  The shimmer really lights up in the sun and the base is such a deep bluish-green. It is very rich in color and depth.
Tranquillis in the sun
And one last close-up...  Tranquillis is in my top three favorites in the collection-so far...
Tranquillis in my light box
Tranquillis: Blue with copper and green shimmer
Ignis:   In Latin, Ignis means fire.  Maya Cosmetics really captured that with this polish!  Ignis is an orangey-red jelly polish with iridescent flakes. I used three coats to get it opaque and had no issues with application. I was told by Kat not to use Seche Vite as a top coat, because it messes with the flakies' appearance, so I topped it with Julep Top Coat and had no issues.
I first thought I wouldn't like this polish because I am not a fan of orangey-reds.  but I put this on and was hooked!  It is such a stunning polish and a traffic stopper!  It is almost neon, and really goes well with my skin tone.  When the new Hunger Games movie comes out, THIS is the polish to wear to honor the girl on fire!  I can just imagine it with flames on the bottom...
Ignis: Red Orange Jelly with iridescent flakies.
 Glacies:  Glacies is Latin for Ice.  Glacies is a top coat that changes the look of your polish depending on what you are wearing.  For these swatches, I wore basic Milani Black Swift.  I put one coat of Glacies over it. It went on very easily and gave me no issues.  I am still trying to decide if it is a duo chrome!  I didn't notice it when I wore it, but when I saw this picture, I realized there is purple on my index finger at the top!  For the most part it showed a gorgeous blue (hence the name "Ice.")
In this close up you can see the detail of Glacies...
The Aequilibrium Collection and all of Maya Cosmetics other polishes are now for sale in her shop!  They retail at $8 per bottle plus shipping.  Don't forget that $1 per polish bought in October will be split between Wounded Warriors and Fisher House.  These are great charities that help out our military!
Glacies is a top coat. This picture was taken on a very cloudy day and does not capture the blue  shimmer in it.
Her polish retails for $8 per bottle.

Where to buy: Maya Cosmetics 
Facebook Page: Maya Cosmetics
Twitter: MayaCosmetics

*These polishes were sent for an honest review*


Candice said...

WOW. Tranquilis and Glacies are fabulous.

Chantel said...

Nice nail polishes.