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Monday, October 8, 2012

Maya Cosmetics-It Can't Rain All The Time, Hyperbole, Almost Happy Hour

I have mixed emotions as this is my last swatch post of Maya Cosmetics.  Have you enjoyed the ride as much as I have?   I am going to show you the last three in her regular polish line...It Can't Rain All The Time, Hyperbole, and Almost Happy Hour.  Before I do, let me remind you that $1 per polish sold in October will be split up and donated to the Fisher House and the Wounded warriors. Both organizations benefit our Armed Forces.  Being that I am a former Marine, this means a lot to me.
It Can't Rain All The Time, Hyperbole, Almost Happy Hour
It Can't Rain All The Time is a clever name for this polish.  The base is a translucent lavender (it reads periwinkle in the bottle.)  The glitters in it compliment it greatly!  They are a mix of periwinkle, lavender, and soft green with micro lavender glitters scattered throughout.  I put three coats of ICRATT on its own.  I wanted to see how opaque it would be. It wasn't opaque at all, but you CAN get away with wearing it alone as the nail line is hardly visible!  It certainly gives it a dreamlike, ethereal quality that I love.
I had no issues with ICRATT whatsoever. Application was effortless, and the glitters spread out evenly and needed no manipulating.  I smoothed it out with a top coat of Gelous and Seche Vite.
I also layered it over Sinful Colors Lavendear.  What you see here is one coat of It Can't Rain All The Time.  It gives it a more in your face look, yet is still calming and soothing to look at.  That is the vibe I got with this polish-soothing and calming, just like a rainy day.
Here is a close-up and you can see the details of the polish-micro lavender glitters, and the same-sized glitter hexes all spread out.  I really loved this polish. A must have if you like pastels!
As you can see in the bottle shot, it looks periwinkle in the bottle, but reads lavender on the nail. At least it did on me!
Hyperbole is a luscious jelly glitter polish.  I knew when I saw it that it was going to be eye-catching on the nail!  I am a huge sucker for jelly polishes and couldn't wait to try this one on!  
Hyperbole is a blue-based jelly with a myriad of colors and shapes in it. From orange bars to pink large hexes, red squares to fine gold glitters-Hyperbole is exciting and will not bore you!
I layered Hyperbole on its own and it took 2-3 coats for opacity.  One issue I had was there was so much glitter that it started getting caught up on itself if I had to do a third coat.  (You can see it on my ring finger.) It didn't happen all the time, but seriously, there was a ton of glitter in there! I almost think it would be better with slightly less glitter so that you can layer it better and you can see through the jelly more.
But despite the one flaw, I would still wear and re-wear this polish, because LOOK AT IT!  It is truly a stunner and I had several people stop me and ask me what I was wearing when I went out shopping.
Bottle shot of Hyperbole...
Almost Happy Hour is another genius name!   Kat from Maya Cosmetics made this polish for those of you who have to tone it down at the office.  It is a neutral taupe with a gold shimmer.  
Almost Happy Hour layered effortlessly in two coats and wore well for the two days I wore it. It has just enough pizzazz that you can be entertained by your nails while working and get away with it.
Here you can see the shimmer even in the shade.  Please don't mind the wrinkled label. I had a mishap with another bottle and polish spilled all over it.
I don't have to tone down my nails for the office, but I will certainly wear this beauty to work anyway!
Bottle shot of Almost Happy Hour.
Where to buy: Maya Cosmetics   Polishes retail for $8 each.
Facebook Page: Maya Cosmetics for updates!
Twitter: MayaCosmetics
*these polishes were sent for an honest review*


Gosia said...

I love these colors!!! Especially It Can't rain all the time (reminds me of The Crow movie, and it's an awesome color!!) and Almost Happy Hour!!

Jacki said...

Oh I love these!! Absolutely love the two glitters!!!

The Daily Lacquerista said...

These are all so so so gorgeous!!! I love the colors so much! <3

thalie @ Glazed Talons said...

ITA with Gosia,ICRATT is so pretty,and I love the song by the same name from The Crow. The other two polishes are pretty too,especially that blue jelly glitter.I love jellies and glitter :-)