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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nailventurous Lacquers The Shimmer Effect

I have been putting off wearing my last two Nailventurous polishes. I think it is because she is no longer making them and no longer selling them. ONce I try the last two on, I won't have anymore to share with you on my blog.  My all-time favorite indie polish maker.  Done.  :o( I think I might be in mourning right now. LOL  My last two have been sitting on my desk forever, so I finally decided to put one on.  The Shimmer Effect is a stunning polish.  A jelly purple with a sprinkling of green and yellow glitters and some micro fine glitters as well, make this beauty stand out!
This has been sitting on my desk for months and is still in beautiful condition!  I only used two coats that covered flawlessly, and the glitters spread out evenly. I had no issues at all with it. I had multiple people notice my manicure too!  I am so sad that I have only one more to show you, but it is a doozy!
Nailventurous is no longer selling her polishes, but you can find a few of her polishes made with her blessing over at Ninja Polish.  She also has a fantastic blog that I have been following now for a year-I'm Feeling Nail-venturous.  Go check her out!  Also, LIKE! her Facebook page!

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