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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Monthly Favorites!

IS it that time already?!  It seems I just posted my September Monthly Favorites!  October was full of new things, so here we go!
I have changed the title on this first one. Rather than calling it Favorite Polishes, it is now Favorite Nails.  The reason being that I felt I was being redundant in my monthly posts.  I found I was reposting the same brand in two or three categories. This also allows me to show my favorite NAIL pictures which may or may not have my favorite polishes.

#1:   Maya Cosmetics Ignis:  I do not like orangey-red polishes. As a rule, I cannot stand them!  I was stunned into silence when I put on Ignis from Maya Cosmetics' The Aequilibrium Collection.  It was the epitome of orange-red AND it was a jelly.  AND I COULDN'T STOP STARING AT IT.  The color is almost neon and the flakes add a major bonus.  What I thought would not look good on me has become one of my favorites!

#2: Rainbow Honey 20% Cooler: When I put 20% Cooler on, some crazy, artistic creativity took ahold of me and I found myself really playing with the photos!  I love the look over 20% Cooler over a lighter blue and matted over black.  Here are two of my favorite photos...

#3:   Breast Cancer Heartbreak: When I was asked to participate in a breast cancer awareness manicure, I was forced to stare my grief and anger of losing my nana in the face.  Little did I know, what a great support I would find in the nail community!  It really touched my heart to see the many kind comments on my blog and Facebook page.  That cliche of realizing I am not alone really rang true for me after seeing all of the heartfelt comments and other women's gut-wrenching stories. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

These are brands that have in one way or another gone above and beyond my expectations.

 Dior:  Dior Shadow exceeded every expectation I had!  And believe me, my expectations were HIGH. To pay such high dollar for a polish is a rarity for me, and I expected it to have excellent application, great wear time, and be so stunning that I couldn't stop staring at it. YES, YES, and YES!  It was well worth the money I paid for it, and I will gladly buy Dior again. When I can afford it.
Maya Cosmetics:  In May of this year, a stranger-Kat- reached out to me, told me she was planning on starting her own polish line, and asked me to give her input on her polishes.  I almost said no, but for some reason, I didn't.  Fast forward to October, Kat has an amazing polish line called Maya Cosmetics. I reviewed all 15 polishes on my blog and was FLOORED by every aspect of them.  I consider it to be on the same level as Girly Bits and Cult Nails.

Sometimes, I find a treasure of a blog that seems to fly under the radar. Sometimes, I find myself soaking in a lot of information from a particular blog.  Either way, these are blogs that have grabbed my attention.

Nails and a Westie  is a blog that is flying under the radar.  She loves indie polishes and her photos are awesome close ups!  She shows polishes in a new and fresh way.  The name is really cool too.  Why aren't you guys following her???  I can't get enough of her! And while you're at it, you can go like her Facebook page

With almost 300 indie brands, it can be hard to know who to buy from.  I want to showcase ones I have found that may show promise.

Maya Cosmetics:  I have been communicating with and Kat and using her polishes since May.  So while she is not new to me, I know that she is very new to all of you. I can say with no reservations that I fully endorse and support her business. Her polishes are incredibly well-made. She doesn't just make glitter polishes like many other indies-she makes shimmers, jellies, and top coats as well. Her polishes aren't even expensive-$8 each and pretty cheap shipping too.
Jindie Nails is crazy awesome to me!  I met her when she asked me to review some polishes and I fell in love with them!  She is very creative and has some real stunners in her repertoire.  If you haven't bought from her yet, you should!

I love jewelry, strange art, and stalking shops, so each month I will show you something awesome I found! Expect to see a lot of jewelry!

Suami: One of my other loves is crochet.  This shop sells crochet of really tiny animals!  While the prices are way too high for me, I certainly admire the art!  She has everything from wiener dogs to smurfs!
Tiniest Sock Monkey - Baby Sock Monkey - Miniature Sock Monkey - Grey Sock Monkey With Hat - Made to Order
Dawgart is a fantastic painter who shows off dogs' and other pets' personalities very vividly!  I am in love with the painting below!  Her paintings are not too pricey either and easily affordable!  Colorful Pet Portrait Pit Bull Art Dog Print 8x10 by Alicia VanNoy Call

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