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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Rainbow Honey 20% Cooler over black

It occurred to me as I was wearing Rainbow Honey's 20% Cooler over Sinful Colors Cinderella that it was a multi-glitter.  I ALWAYS wear my multi-glitters over black.  So, I promptly swatched 20% Cooler over Milani Black Swift!
Here is the breath-taking result!
You can see the translucent blue shimmer that is the base a whole lot better over black!  It completely disappeared over Cinderella.
This is super intensely stunning!  It may have climbed right up there into my top favorites in the multi-glitter category!
And as always, I had to matte top coat it!  I had the opportunity to use my new Butter London Matte Top Coat, and that went on without a hitch!
It mattifies the blue shimmer as well!
Have I mentioned how much I love this polish?

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rebecca said...

Oh wow it pops so much more over black. Not gonna lie over Cinderella it was sort of eh, but its more of a wow now.

Chantel said...

Amazing nail polish!

Amanda said...

Usually Rainbow Honey doesn't stand out much for me but I LOVE this one! Looks so pretty matte-ified!