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Monday, October 15, 2012

Rainbow Honey-A Little Kindness & the Element of Magic

Rainbow Honey's A Little Kindness is another polish from the Equstria Collection.  It is a subdued color palette of rose and muted gold tones.  It is in a clear base, so I layered it over Sally Hansen Nail Prism Lapis Amethyst.  
I only needed one coat, but if you want more coverage, you could easily do two.  A Little Kindness had great application  and I had no issues with it.
The Element of Magic is a purple-based polish with purple glitter and micro holo glitters in it.  I wore it over Zoya Tru, because although it has a purple base, it is not opaque on its own.
I had no issues with this polish either. It seems the Rainbow Honeys' are really well made!
So far, I am glad I swapped for these, but I don't think that these two will stay in my keep pile.  What do you think?
You can buy directly from Rainbow Honey, by clicking HERE.
YOu can also check out the Rainbow Honey BLOG.
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Chantel said...

I love it <3

Lizzy O. said...

The element of magic wants to come and live with me. Hahahaha.. I love it!! It's purple!!