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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rainbow Honey Pinkie Promise Over Zoya Kieko

I have a confession to make.  Prior to this post, I had not owned any Rainbow Honey polishes, nor had I planned to.  Don't get me wrong.  I thought they were beautiful, but I had my eye on other indie brands.  I thought they were beautiful, but not quite my style.  Then a swap offer arose for some of my polishes, and I thought why not?  I ended up getting four of the Rainbow Honey's from the Equestria Collection.  Today I am going to show you Pinkie Promise over Zoya Kieko.
Pinkie Promise is filled with glitter of every shape and kind-shard, hex, shimmer holo, bar, micro....You name it, it's there!  The colors are a soft but vibrant palette of blue, pink, and gold.
I only used one coat as each brush dip was filled with glitter!  I had no application issues and I top coated with Julep Top Coat.
The beauty of this polish is undeniable!  I think my mom would love this!
You can buy directly from Rainbow Honey, by clicking HERE.
YOu can also check out the Rainbow Honey BLOG.
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Kelly said...

WOW, Pinkie Promise is gorgeous! I still haven't picked up any RH polishes, but I definitey NEED to :D

doreen said...

I agree those nail's are beautiful..

Hazel said...

Looks awesome!!