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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms-Spam post!

Quite awhile ago, I posted about visiting my aunt and she pulled out a shoebox full of polishes from the 80's and 90's!  In that box, I found a gorgeous Sally Hanses Nail Prism!  That started my love (and subsequent) search for all Sally Hansen Nail Prism polishes!  Of course, I quickly realized there were way too many, and I narrowed it down to the duo chromes.  Today, i am going to show you the SH Nail Prisms that have found their way to me since then.  Some I like and others-mmm, not so much.
Let's start off with the one I do like! Garnet Lapis is a purple blue duo chrome.  In typical cheap Sally Hansen fashion, it smells awful, takes three coats for opacity, and is thin and somewhat runny.  None of that really matters though, once I took a look at my nails!
Check out the gorgeous beauty!
You would never know, but the first coat was so translucent that I almost took it off and put a base coat.  I am so glad I didn't!
Next is my least favorite... Cinnabar Opal. It is way to sheer to be worn on its own as you can see by the pinkie and middle fingers.  That is with FIVE coats.  I layered it over Sinful Colors Black Swift on my other two fingers to try to bring out its real beauty.  In my opinion, its beauty was limited.  In the sun, there was no color shift at all.  It was just lavender.  (No pics in sun.)
Under my Ottlight however, it flashed lavender and green.  I only used one coat over the black and that seemed to be enough.  Overall, I was not impressed by this polish at all.
Blush Diamond was one of the Nail Prisms I bought when I thought I wanted ALL the Nail Prisms.  I had no idea there were so many, and thought they were all duo chromes.  It is a soft pink linear holo, although the linear isn't very obvious.
Here it is in the ott box.  I had no issues with application other than the smell and it seems the Sally Hansens run somewhat thin.  This is another one I could do without though.
Lastly, I have Lapis Amethyst.  This one went on sheer, but built up after three coats.  It is supposed to be a duo chrome, but I am hard pressed to see any other color than lavender.  I supposed if you looked hard enough, you can see some pink on the edges.
Ok, after rebooking at these pictures, I suppose there is some pink.  But in real life, I couldn't see it enough to warrant keeping this polish.
Hope you enjoyed this post! To see the Nail Prism post that started it all for me, click HERE.  And I mourn those nails as I have not been able to get them that long since that time!



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Lizzy O. said...

Blush one.. Oh my!! It's nude and holo-y. I gotta find some prisms around here. The price online is crazy for some of these.