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Monday, October 29, 2012

Say It Really Fast-Girly Bits' SoFa King Messy

Say it really fast three times in a row...SoFa King Messy.  SoFa King Messy. Sofakingmessy.  Did you get the inside joke?  Did you?  If you did, then you now know the reason this polish came to be.  Pam from Girly Bits was working with some glitter, and somehow a TON of glitter spilled and went EVERYWHERE.  She carefully saved whatever glitter she could that wasn't contaminated and put it into this polish!  
SoFa King Messy is a clear-based polish made up mainly of aqua glitters.  There are random bits of red, orange, gold, blue... You name it, it's there!  I put two coats over Maya Cosmetics Enigma, a chocolate brown shimmer.  I thought it would look really autumnal that way.
I also layered it over ManGlaze ILF.  I love how this looks!  It really showcases the other colors in SoFa King Messy.
Here is a close-up of SoFa King Messy in all its glory!  It went on easily and evenly.  Girly Bits polishes are really a treasure to apply. When I say there are good indies and there are great indies, Girly Bits is one of the great ones.   I have NEVER even remotely had a quality issue or an application issue with her polishes. What's more, her CS is top notch. She stands behind her polishes and they are very well made and creative.
SoFa King Messy will not be for sale to the public; however, you can buy any of her other polishes at a number of sites.  Girly Bits is based out of Canada, so if you are from Canada, it may be easier to buy straight from there.
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Ally said...

This is GORGEOUS!!!! AHHH! Can't wait to order it, any idea of when that'll be????

Kelly said...

What a beautiful combination of glitters, I love it! And I love the name too, lol :D

Girly Bits said...

Great pics Michelle, thanks!!