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Monday, October 1, 2012

September Monthly Favorites!

It's that time again!  The last day of the month brings on a new round of monthly favorites!  So here we go!!  If you are new to my blog, I started a monthly favorites three months ago!  You can find my other posts in the links on the side of my blog under "Monthly Favorites."

#1: Whimsical Ideas by Pam I Love NY:   HANDS DOWN, this was my favorite this month! My passion for polish met my passion for NYC met my passion for patriotism, and I fell head over heels in love!
#2: Naild'It Unique Polish custom Real Women Wear Camo: I had been on a forever search for the perfect camouflage nail polish glitter and just could not find it to match what was in my head.  Andrea at Naild'It freaking rocked it OUT for me and made it better than I had imagined!  THANK YOU ANDREA!

#3: Red Dog Designs While Gina is also my polish buddy, I would not include her in the top three if she didn't deserve it.  Her polishes are STUNNING!  The quality and uniqueness of her polish definitely deserves to be in my top three this month!

Jindie Nails:   When I received an email from Jindie Nails to review her polishes, I saw that she had sold quite a few hundred polishes already and I was curious about what I had been missing out on!  She seemed to have a hard-core following and I wanted to know why!   I was floored by the consistency in quality and the creativity in her polishes!  She also happens to care greatly about her customers and her polishes.  She is always in touch with her customer base on FB and each and every polish of the six she sent me were amazing!  I am hooked and am now one of those hard-core fans. :o)
Milani Colors:  Milani Colors was a brand I had not tried before.  I know, it seems really odd since they are readily available in every drugstore in the USA.  When I was sent several High Speed,Fast Dry polishes to review, I was amazed at how versatile they were!  I used them for water marble, stamping, gradients, dotting and other manicures.  they worked amazingly for them all! They really do dry extremely quickly!  And their Milani Black Swift?  One coater and quick drying!  It is now my go-to black polish for everything!  I am definitely a believer in these fantastic polishes!

Jindie Nails:  I pretty much said it all in "Brands That Impress,"  but Jindie Nails will probably not be flying under the radar for very long!  Consistent quality polishes, excellent customer service, great indie prices, and unique polishes!  I wouldn't be surprised if an online company snatches her up to sell in their shop, and she starts selling polishes like hotcakes!  I say go get them while you can!
Maya Cosmetics:  Maya Cosmetics is a brand new indie shop that opens Oct 4th.  Normally, I don't put an indie in here that I haven't showcased in a post for that month, but I have swatched and reviewed nine of her fourteen polishes at the time of writing this. I am so impressed by every aspect of this brand, that I want to share her with you from the beginning.  This brand is definitely one to watch!


Teka and Zoe:  Teka and Zoe has been in my favorites on Etsy for a long time. Their hand-work with metal speaks to me in every way!  I love so many of their pieces and their use of color is fantastic!  You have to go check them out just to see their wide range of jewelry.

Marren Jewelry: I stumbled onto Marren Jewelry when I was looking for corset rings.  I love eye-catching jewelry, and this shop has that mysterious, goth romantic vibe that I love.  They have a gorgeous black tulip ring that I want as well!
All polish brands are linked on my blog under their name.


Jacqui of The Scholarly Nail said...

All awesome picks! I really need to try Jindie Nails =)

Debbie Crumpet said...

fabulous post xx